Is ChatGPT Resume Writing Acceptable In Professional Life?

chatgpt resume writing

We are living in a world where, every day, a new technology is taking birth to ease human efforts.

One with the most hype these days is ChatGPT. We all are aware of its impressive ability to compose human-like content and how people are using it for various practical purposes. But can it be used professionally for creating a CV? This is one of the hot topics these days. We are here to shed light on this aspect of this tool. 

In this article, we will discuss if it is okay to take assistance from ChatGPT in professional life for composing resumes. So keep reading. 

Is ChatGPT Resume Writing Effective Like The Human Generated Ones?

In the era we are living in, we need to understand that technology is there for us to make our lives easy, not to replace humans. 

The fact is without human touch, these tools can create a mess. This is why people don’t compose their resumes by themselves using these AI tools. They prefer to opt for various professional resume services Toronto. These experts assist them by providing a well-written and attractive CV that will surely aid them in landing a job. 

But when it comes to talking about ChatGPT and composing a curriculum vita, a question that must arise in people’s minds is whether this tool can effectively create a document like humans. It might have impressive content-generating abilities, but it is too early to say that it can replace humans entirely.

The fact is without human touch, this AI tool can lack vital details that are necessary for composing a resume. It’s important to remember that ChatGPT doesn’t know you personally and may not be able to capture your unique skills and experiences as effectively as a human can. 

While it can be a helpful tool for generating ideas and inspiration, ultimately, it’s up to you to craft a personalized and effective resume.

How ChatGPT Is Different Than Human Writers?

Have you ever wondered how creating content with ChatGPT is different from a document composed by a human?

While both have their own advantages, there are some interesting ways in which they vary from each other. Let’s dive in and explore.

Limitations Of Algorithms

ChatGPT is a tool that has been trained to a certain extent; it can only offer responses based on that data. 

As we are aware, it is designed to copy human thoughts, but that is also limited to the algorithm it has been trained on. Thus, it cannot think and act on its own without its programming, so it is not advisable to rely solely on an AI resume. 

Limited By Quality Of Data

As we have discussed above, the data of this tool is limited to the training that is provided to it. 

But with this drawback, another limitation emerges that the quality of its work also depends on how it has been trained. It is undeniable that it can respond to the queries that are asked of it, but it fails to grasp the concepts and situations that are out of its knowledge. 

Additionally, it only responds with the limited information it possesses, which can impact the accuracy of its content. As a result, it can’t compose a resume according to the latest terminologies and requirements. 

Inability To Learn From Experience

We humans have the ability to learn from the things we went through, but these tools can’t do that. And this is another limitation of using ChatGPT for composing a CV. 

There is no doubt that this AI tool is trained with vast amounts of data, but it doesn’t possess the capability to grow and learn from its experiences like humans do. This is why people still look for a resume writing agency to compose a valuable document for them. The human mind is molded by the situations we face and our interactions with other people. We gain from our mistakes. On the other hand, ChatGPT can only perform on the base of the data it is trained with. 

Lack Of Emotional Intelligence

One of the obvious differences between them is “Emotions”.  

These AI tools are not capable of understanding non-verbal communication, which is vital to know while writing about another person. On the other hand, humans are able to recognize the other person’s psyche and how they behave and interact just by having a little conversation with them. While ChatGPT is great at offering straightforward replies to questions based on facts, it can’t tackle the ones that contain emotions.  

Creativity And Originality

You can deny that ChatGPT is a great option when it comes to generating content. But it can’t beat the innovations and unique ideas that humans come up with. 

It is capable of composing a human-like response but can only create ideas that are limited to the data it is provided with. As a result, it can create plagiarized content as well. Thus, ChatGPT resume writing is not preferable. On the other hand, humans have the ability to craft an original document according to the requirements of an individual. 

Contextual Understanding

Lastly, this AI tool has the ability to compose a CV with a limited set of phrases and words. But it can’t understand the context of the idea of your draft as you want it to be. 

As a result, it can come up with results that are irrelevant to what you asked it for. Aside from that, humans are good at grasping the context. Thus, they can interpret the language, sarcasm, and even non-verbal communication with the customers. And try to craft a resume according to an individual’s personality and demands. 


The world we are living in has so many technologies and AI tools all around us, making our lives easier and better.

But you can’t totally rely on them as they don’t possess the abilities that humans have. You can get an idea about it due to the pointer we have covered above about human and AI resume writing. We are sure that now you have no more queries about whether to use ChatGPT or not for composing a CV. You can get various ideas with the help of this tool, but it is not acceptable to compose a whole document with it. 

Otherwise, you will risk the quality, accuracy, and uniqueness of your resume. So incorporate the technology for your assistance, but do your work on your own. The fact is humans can overcome the limitations of the AI tools.