What are the Characteristics of a Responsive Website?

responsive website

Most web design companies strive to work towards developing a website for their customers. some fail and some succeed. As a generation involved in the internet, we have seen so many beautiful, captivating websites fail and even some simplest ones gain a fan following much more than our imagination. What is the reason behind this? Why Web design companies fail when designing and How a website can be responsive? This article comes as an aid for every website design company of today as it highlights the main characteristics of responsive web design and key roads to achieve that. 

Before we dive into how to develop a responsive Website, we need to look at the components of a Responsive website. It is important to know what are the deciding factors that declare a website to be responsive? And why is it so important to have a responsive website for your business?

According to research, 57% of users say they will not commend any business that has a poorly designed website.

As a human mind can think and answer, a responsive website is the one that fulfills its purpose. And a website comes with only one purpose. Digital marketing of a business. No matter how much a Web design company emphasizes a website to be for informative purposes deep down they all work with the same focus generating revenues for the business. And web design companies achieve this by creating designs that captivate, engage and convert visitors into customers. 

Flexible Layout

The first and foremost feature of a responsive website is that it is user-friendly and can be used on any platform. A website design company which has been successful in this business since a long time knows the importance of this feature of a website. let’s take it logically since each user is different from the other and not all visitors will be using the web page through the same platform. Some could be using their PC, some their mobile phones and some on tablets and iPads. Each device has a different resolution thus different display, so a website should be flexible enough to adjust all platforms without any change in its layout automatically.

Smooth User Experience

Besides a flexible layout, a responsive website provides a smooth user experience. User experience (UX) is what helps decide how far your online business go. When we visit a website the first thing, we use to determine our experience is how we feel on-page. Regardless of products and services, if the website’s tools and features are not easy to use or overly complex, we tend to be disappointed with the services too even before giving it a try. Such is the importance of a user-friendly website. Most Website design companies understand this urgency associated with a website experience thus pay keen attention to providing a memorable experience for their visitors. 

Informative Website

As discussed above, the user visits a website with one aim, that is to get information about a business or service and this provision of information decides how much a visitor likes your web page. Web design companies who understand the technicality of website design use this knowledge to carefully incorporate information into beautiful aesthetics that will go with the website and will produce an overall memorable impression. A beautiful feature of responsive websites is that it provides all the information you need about the traffic on your web page.

Less Maintenance

A website that requires less maintenance is super responsive. Simple as that. If you have to develop several features for the same website that can work on different devices you are creating trouble for yourself by increasing the workload. The reason behind this is that whenever your website requires a simple change you will need to change it on every platform thus making a lot of work and wasting time consequently. This is the quality of a responsive website design that requires a change only once. 

Image Optimization

Image and graphics are an important part of website design and most companies use all their expertise into finding the best-suited imageries and visuals that go with the content and purpose of their website. And this is what brings them success. Images should not be left unattended after being put on a Web page but its proper optimization should be ensured. The reason behind this is that a bulk of your users will be using smartphones to access the webpage and, in such cases, if the images are not properly optimized, they will ruin the whole layout giving a sloppy look to the web page.

Here, learning about responsive Web Designs, it should be noted that it is not an option for today’s world. When users are so smart and demanding, Web design companies cannot take a chance to go otherwise and compromising on their business. It is a necessity that should be followed by every business if they want to succeed in the world of digital media.

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