Considering a cell phone buyback

cell phone buyback

Cell phone buyback creates great opportunities for phone enthusiasts to buy new smartphones every year. The phone buyback regulates the options of purchasing a present handset at a fixed amount in exchange for new smartphones. Even if the actual cost of your handset reduces you can still benefit from the discounted price.

To get the best of the cell phone buyback program you will need to make a few efforts. First of all you will have to upgrade your cell phone. You will have to improve the exterior of the cell phone and give it a presentable look.  Do not forget to remove the SIM card. Your SIM card contains useful information and valuable contacts. 

Also remove the memory card. Don’t forget to copy all the useful details such as photos, documents and apps, so you can install them on your new phone.

If you want your phone to get a better price in the cell phone buyback program then you must redbox them with all the bits and pieces that were available on the first instance they were available.

Only then can you have great chances in trading your phone in a cell phone buyback program.

Here are some reasons that can convince you to use a cell phone buyback program:

  • A handy opportunity for more recycling- Almost every mobile phone is recyclable. But stats and data says that we are only recycling 29% of them. The U.S creates a whopping amount of 11.7 million tons of e-waste every year. Sadly only 3.4 million of them are being resold or repurposed. It has been observed that recycling just a single cell phone saves the energy to energize a laptop for 44 hours.
  • Cell phones are toxic- Cell phones are basically toxic materials. The components they are made of are typically hazardous for the environment. So it is much better if your used smartphones find a buyer instead of ending up in landfills.
  • Know the worth of your phones before selling them- The UI systems in cell phone buyback programs can identify and let you know the value of your phone. As a result of this you can get a better idea of the worth of your phone and quote a better price.

Using the materials from a recycled cell phone

All the items that are used to manufacture cell phones can be used to make new products. The recovered items are pretty much versatile. Consequently they are used in making jewelries, automotive and electronics. The plastic components that are integrated on new electronic devices are basically recovered and recycled. Even rechargeable cell phone batteries can be used to make other rechargeable battery products. 

A lot of different things can be done with an old phone. You can donate it to charities. There are ample numbers of charities that incorporate new technologies to old smartphones. You can also give it to someone in need of a smartphone.

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