Celebrate Your Special Day With These Amazing Flower Arrangements


Flowers are an inseparable part of our lives. No special occasion or celebration is complete without flowers. While there are numerous flower types out there, floral flower arrangements and style can also vary significantly. Here in this article, we have discussed beautiful floral arrangements for different occasions.

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Floral Gift Baskets:

Floral gift baskets are even better than flower bouquets as a gift. A floral gift basket not only contains flowers, but also includes chocolates, candies, balloons, stuffed toys, or even fruits. This makes a gift basket a pretty wholesome gift for any occasion when you think a simple flower bouquet won’t suffice. For gift basket delivery in New York, contact Central Florist now! They have an amazing collection of gift baskets in their catalog at an affordable price.


Floral centerpieces are similar to flower bouquets, but they are arranged differently. Generally, they come with a sturdy base and you don’t have to arrange for separate containers to display them. Special occasion centerpieces, like a Thanksgiving centerpiece or a Christmas centerpiece also come with suitable add-ons, like ornaments, foliage, candles, and more. Centerpieces are most commonly used in dinner or lunch tables, but you can also place them in a center table when you’re celebrating.

Flower bouquets:

Flower bouquets are the most common flower arrangements that we are familiar with. A flower bouquet is a beautifully arranged set of one or more kinds of flowers. They can either come wrapped in gift papers or can be placed inside a flower vase. Flower bouquets are the most versatile flower arrangements out there. You can use a flower bouquet for any purpose, including gifting, decorating, and celebrating. You can also gift a beautiful flower bouquet to your mom for the upcoming Mothers Day, from the extensive collection of Central Florist, NY.

Floral Wreaths:

Floral wreaths are specially-designed flower arrangements made especially for a particular purpose or occasion. The most common types of wreaths are Christmas wreaths and Funeral wreaths. Christmas floral wreaths are designed with more Christmas greens and some flowers. They are used as decorations for the wall or the door. Funeral wreaths on the other hand, are made of suitable funeral flowers and used in memorial services as well as funerals.

Floral Arches:

Floral arches are elaborate designs that are only used for special occasions and celebrations like a wedding. You can place floral arches in the doorway to the celebration hall, or inside the venue itself. Having the wedding ceremony under a floral arch will look great. 

Floral Bed:

Floral beds are really pretty and unique decorations made of flowers. They are most commonly used as a romantic décor for couples. A bed is fully covered with flowers, petals, or other pretty things. A flower bed like arrangement can also be made in the floor which serves as a stage for several occasions. For example, you can create a floral bed in your garden and place the cake table for birthday in the middle.