Career scopes for AI and ML Engineering

Career Scopes for AI and ML Engineering (1)

A candidate can enter the top technology sectors after completing their B Tech in Artificial Intelligence Colleges, and depending on their interests and qualifications, they can choose one of the following job pathways:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

To create the models that power AI-based applications, professionals in this field employ a variety of machine learning techniques, such as neural networks and natural language processing.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is an IT specialist whose job it is to design and build artificial intelligence (AI) systems that will automate prediction models. This field of work is offered by Top B Tech Colleges in Greater Noida across a variety of sectors and companies. 

Data scientist

Data scientists are people who use data to derive value. A data scientist must gather and evaluate data from multiple sources in order to comprehend and predict performance. Additionally, they need to develop AI programmes that would automate some commercial processes.

Research Scientist

As the job title suggests, applicants for this role will need to work on a range of research projects to find fresh, innovative ideas, tools, and techniques to develop, improve, and rebuild the existing artificial intelligence models. Students can pursue this demanding and lucrative field after graduating from B Tech AI institutes with this degree.

AI Data Analyst

To arrange, filter out, and model the existing data, an AI data analyst must apply analytical and machine learning methods. Creating and generating reports to help senior management use updated and enhanced AI tools to make better decisions is another task assigned to an AI data analyst. Being an AI Data Analyst is the finest career choice if you’re wondering what to do with your top college degree after deciding to pursue a B Tech CSE with AI and ML. It’s a well-paying job profile.

Robotics expert

The field of robotics is new, innovative, and has a lot of promise. However, there is a continuing demand in this market for specialists who can bring about change. An expert in this field is a robotic scientist. They have to do research, generate, create, and construct robotic systems.

Candidates can also work as professors, teachers, and educational coaches by joining the best B Tech in artificial intelligence colleges, universities, and coaching organizations, in addition to the previously mentioned employment opportunities.

After earning a degree in B Tech CSE with AI and ML, individuals may also choose to pursue an M. Tech or engage in academic research.

Salaries of AI and ML Engineers

Job RoleAverage Annual Salary
Software EngineerINR 6.4 LPA
Software TesterINR 6.4 LPA
Application DeveloperINR 4.85 LPA
Information and Multimedia DesignerINR 8 LPA
Chief Information OfficerINR 9.5 LPA
Web DesignerINR 5.5 LPA
B.Tech A.I SalaryAmount
Highest SalaryINR 25 LPA
Lowest SalaryINR 5 LPA
Average SalaryINR 10 LPA

Government Jobs

Job RolesAverage Annual Salary
Railway EngineerINR 5.1 LPA
IT OfficerINR 8.85 LPA
Lecturer or ProfessorINR 4.11 LPA
ISRO ScientistINR 8.1 LPA
National Informatics Centre ScientistINR 6.8 LPA


B. Tech Artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide a number of fascinating prospects. There are lots of jobs out there that can ensure a happy and prosperous future. Thus, candidates who want to create a bright future and have high goals can apply to the best B Tech colleges that B Tech CSE with AI and ML. Start your journey off right by researching the best B Tech universities and submitting an online application.