5 Best Car Rental PHP Script

car rental php script

Tons of businesses are running worldwide with the internet you can open a business anywhere anytime without many efforts. All you need is an internet connection and the idea of the business. There are times when someone is looking to rent a car for some business purpose. Earlier you had to go to some car dealer near you look at the vehicles available then deciding which one to take and after that, you have to fill the forms and complete all the requirements, it was such a tiring job to do right, but now with the internet, you can do all this work by sitting at home without many efforts. There are various websites and dealers providing online car rental PHP script which you can fill sitting at your home and rent a car and use it for the type of business you are looking for. Or even you can start your car rental deal if you have an old car and you are looking to sell it or want to exchange it for a new one all you need is to create a website and run the business.

Here are some of the 4 best car rental PHP script provider:

1. Makent Cars Airbnb Clone for Cars

Markent cars come with a responsive website and user-friendly admin panel. They are providing peer-to-peer car-sharing business. It allows the owner to connect with the car owner and the customers directly.

Key Features include Free server installation, free App submission, free bug support, available on IOS and android, free technical support, and also available in more than 20+ different languages.

2. BLUEBIRD Auto Rental

They are providing a wide range of car rental services. They had been working for 30yrs and are a premier choice in car rental service. Keep track of every penny spend on the vehicle. You can also see what type are vehicles are available in real-time and complete bookings conveniently.

Key Features include tracking your fleet status with proper fleet management, reservation plans, rent works cloud, Friendly user, are providing at a lower rate, and are trustworthy.

3. Car Rental Script

They are providing an online booking system through which the owner can rent a car that will take them directly to the reservation and manage car inventory. You can even set your own booking rules and automate the reservation process.

Key features include managing your car inventory and car type, you can put other accessories to different cars like GPS and seats, easy to use through your mobile devices, different payment methods.

4. Online Car Rental System

Here users can log in and book any car they desire easily. Users have to provide details like booking dates and text messages. All the car details are available once the user provides their following details. Users can also update their profiles and passwords. Admin can add or manage brands, vehicles, booking, testimonial, pages, and all. This site is providing an easy way to rent a car with its simple design and user-friendly navigation and dashboard.

Key Features include login/register system, Easy booking, Create or manage brands, manage bookings, testimonials, contact queries, and post or manage vehicles.

5. Agriya Car Rental Script

You can rent any type of cars simply by giving the necessary details. They are providing a wide range of car categories. They also allow the users to rent a car and any other vehicles with a respected location. Even you can request any number of accessories while renting a car as per your need.

Key Features include insurance, Fuel option, discounts, mini rent time, currency conversion, SEO, users don’t have to pay for cancellation, friendly user dashboard, and maintenance option.

These are the few car rental PHP scripts which you can use to book any car and can even help to grow your business, as more and more people are renting cars these days cause not everyone wants to own a car they rather rent a car for some purpose or buy some second-hand car from a dealer shop. They all have a ton of cars that are listed so users can choose the one which they want to. They are providing different features that make it easy for the owner and the user to rent and use the car with proper booking methods and payment options. If you are looking to get in this car rental business you can create your own website for renting cars or can rent your car using the above car rental PHP script.

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