Why Can’t I Copy Text From PDF?

Copy Text From PDF

Enable Why Can’t I Copy Text From PDF

If you are not able to copying text from PDF and you have changed your PDF editor but this issue persists with the PDF and you are still stuck with your question “Why Can’t I Copy Text From PDF” there is a chance it is secured with the restrictions. PDF is not a small document and it’s used on the large platform to share and access the information.

Insipete in terms of security PDF is mostly secured and if you want to copy text from it then you have to unsecure it, here you go we have found various authoritative methods to unlock your PDF without any technical errors.

If the PDF is Opening Why Can’t I Copy Text From PDF?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to copy text from a PDF

  • That PDF is password-protected or restricted by the PDF owner preventing you from copying the text.
  • Maybe a PDF layout is made with scanned images rather than a text-based document, making it impossible to copy the text.
  • The PDF may have limitations enabled for copying that restrict the text from being copied.
  • Your PDF viewer or software may not support text copying, or a technical issue may prevent you from copying the text.

Now Solve your query “Why Can’t I Copy Text From PDF”?

Most of the queries will be solved like “how to copy text from a PDF” if it is secured with permissions. We have curated the best possible method in a legit manner that can help you to make this process complete:-

Use Adobe

1. To open the file in Adobe select “File tab”.

2. Select the “Properties” of the file.

3. Change its settings of security by clicking on the “Security tab”.

4. Then click on “No Security” in the tab.

5. After that “Enter password” and Click OK.

6. Close the alert box and finally, click the “OK button” to close the Properties dialog box.

Unprotect PDF for Copying With Microsoft Word

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Word from your computer.

Step 2. To open Microsoft Word, press Enter.

Step 3. After choosing “Open Other,” select “Computer.”

Step 4. Examine the path to the specific PDF file that is password-protected.

Step 5. To open the chosen PDF file, click the “Open” icon now.

Step 6. Word will automatically convert PDF into editable and prompt you.

Use Errors Free Method

Try out SysTools’s professional PDF password remover tool to remove protection from the PDF. this tool supports removing copy, highlighting, document assembly, and many more.

Step 1. Open the software, Add Files or Add Folder button.

Step 2. Now Save or Print as per your requirements.

Step 3. Choose the location for saving the file and click on the “Unlock” button.

Step 4. Successfully copy text without any errors.


In this article, you will able to find “Why Can’t I Copy Text” From PDF with all the latest methods. PDF is a widespread document and in consideration of its security, you may find it locked with the permissions where you copy and paste from a PDF. You can solve this riddle with the help of this article and make it possible to copy from the PDF with quick steps.