Buying Medicine Online in 5 easy steps

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Are you thinking of buying your next lot of medicines online?

Maybe you should know these 5 easy steps before you use any online medicine ordering app or any medicine home delivery website: 

Before we start, do check out the trendy online pharmacy store that can solve your purpose of buying medicine online. 

We will reveal it to you soon. 

Let’s get started with 5 easy steps: 

#1. Choose the most trusted & perfect online pharmacy:

Choose the medicine online only from a trustworthy online medicine platform. 

How you can assure yourself that yes, you are at the right place. 

Check the following mini checklist: 

  1. Online pharmacies that have https in the start of their Url to ensure secure web experience.
  2. Online medical store with simple & clear privacy policy for its users. 
  3. Online medicine shop with positive testimonials from the customers. 
  4. Online medicine shop who does medicine door delivery with good packaging 
  5. Online medicine that has at least a 3-month expiry period from the date of purchase of medicines online. 

#2. Choose an online pharmacy that sells “True Medicines at True price”:

Yes! The budget on healthcare spending is a liability. The health care spending can increase with time if the medicines are sold at high prices. To save yourself from this demon of high-price, come and visit an online pharmacy that sells- “True Medicine at True price.”

#3. Easy Search results for the required medicine:

The pain of understanding the doctor’s writing is the past thing now. 

You don’t have to strain your eyes to understand the correct name of the medicine prescribed by the doctor. 

You can simply type in the name of the medicine in the search box and get the required results : 

  1. Read the description of the medicine carefully
  2. Check the availability of medicine stock
  3. Check with any side effects & warnings 

#4. Got fever, or small ailments:

You can connect with free consultation with doctors on Trumeds to buy medicine without prescription. The best team of healthcare professionals will connect with you. Then you can buy that online medicine from Trumeds at discounted prices.

You can simply proceed with following points: 

  1. search the medicine online 
  2. Add to your cart 
  3. Pay using credit/debit/ netbanking / paytm wallet or pay with cash on delivery (cod) 
  4. The certified pharmacist & the professional doctor will connect with you 
  5. Doctors will also advise you on the generic medicines that you can buy instead of branded one.
  6. Easy. And the medicines home delivered to you. 

# 5. Medicine door delivery:

so, you received the medicines. Now what? 

  1. check the packaging of the medicine parcel
  2. Check the expiration date and match the date with the number of doses you have.
  3. Do the payment to the delivery person.
  4. Take the medicine as per doctor’s prescription 
  5. Buy the next refill of your medicines online by following the above simple steps. Easy. 

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Trumeds – 

With the simple search box tool, you can search your generic medicines online from their online pharmacy at the tip of your mouse cursor on their website: 

They have amazing offers for you when you buy medicine online from them. 

Some of them are: 

  1. Up to 72% savings on Trumeds recommended brands when you purchase medicine online with them.
  1. Earn 200 TM Cash each time you refer their services to your friends & families and they do purchase medicine online from them and medicine home delivered to them. 
  1. Use the TM cash earned to reduce your online medicine shopping bill during checkout on their platform.
  1. Flat 25% off on the MRP value of original brands when you purchase medicine online from them. Use True25 during checkout 
  1. They provide you with time-to-time referrals, extra discounts and trendy offers to buy medicines in India 

They also have this amazing Medicine delivery app at the palm of your hand with their online medicine order app

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