Best i7 4790K Motherboards: Buying Guide

i7 4790K Motherboards

Are you considering purchasing the Intel Core i7-4790K to replace your current CPU? Which motherboards, if any, would work best with this CPU, assuming that’s the case? So, we’ve compiled a comparison table of the finest i7 4790K motherboards for your convenience. You may go through the items listed below to find the best match for your i7- 4790K.

The most important step is to examine the available options and choose the best motherboard for i7 4790k. As a result, prior to making a motherboard purchase, do some research and make a game plan.

Guide to Buying a Motherboard: What to Look for and Avoid

How much money do you have to work with initially

If you’re on a tight budget, choose a motherboard that’s less costly but still has a ton of great features. Think about looking for low-cost, high-performing boards on forums and via hardware evaluations. You might also choose the lower-priced, higher-quality options from the preceding list.

Design Aspects

The next thing to think about is the form factor. ATX and mini ATX motherboards are widely available. More expansion slots are available with the ATX board, which is the most popular.


Instead of buying extra expansion cards, use a motherboard with built-in functions. The best motherboards have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in, so they’re more costly but you’ll need fewer expansion cards as a result of that.

Socket for the processor

Only LGA, PGA, and BGA sockets may be used, and these are the only three available. Unlike AMD, Intel makes advantage of LGA (Large Gate Architecture). The sort of CPU you get will be determined by the motherboard’s socket type.


Even if you don’t want to purchase the RAM now, your motherboard should support at least 16 GB so you can utilize it later if necessary. Also, look for a motherboard with at least four RAM expansion slots. As a result, you may start with 2 RAM modules installed and have space to expand your system’s memory in the future.

Slots for PCI-based devices

Gamers will want at least one PCI Express x16 full-speed slot, and more slots if they plan to attach many graphics cards to their system. In addition to regular PCI slots, motherboards now provide PCI express slots, which may be used for expansion cards like Wi-Fi adapters, sound cards, and other peripherals.

SATA (Solid State Drive)

A SATA connection connects optical discs and storage devices like SSDs and HDDs. As a consequence, be sure your motherboard has all of the SATA ports you need before purchasing. You should also check to see whether your motherboard is compatible with SATA 3.0, which is also known as SATA 6 gigabytes. In addition, you may have to consider different types of ports, such as USB 3.0.

How well does it work with your current OS?

The compatibility of your motherboard and operating system is also a crucial factor to keep in mind. Many newer motherboards come pre-installed with drivers for the most recent version of Windows. Consider consulting the motherboard manufacturer and the hardware forums for your operating system (for example, UNIX or BSD).

Support for RAID arrays

To provide fault tolerance and/or maximize the speed at which data can be accessed from hard drives, this protocol set is used. If you want to utilize RAID, you may save money by using one of the motherboard’s native RAID controllers instead of purchasing an add-on RAID controller.


The most crucial part of a computer is the motherboard. A motherboard is required for all other devices to operate. It also determines what future improvements you’ll be able to make. Before making a purchase, be sure you’ve done your research and have all the features you want, particularly if your needs differ from those of the typical PC user. To get the maximum performance out of your i7 4790K, use one of the aforementioned motherboards. These are reasonably priced while yet offering excellent features. Check the above-mentioned purchasing guide as well. This may assist you in determining which motherboard is appropriate for your PC based on your requirements.

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