Is it safe to buy a used Android phone?

used mobile for sale

When my Smartphone battery stopped working , some years back. I was running out of my savings . For buying a new Smartphone. The main reason was that I recently graduated from the University and luckily landed my first job. 

I was on probation. And my focus was to get permanent. Those were difficult times. of my life. But it was once in a lifetime a good learning lesson. One of them was buying a used Smartphone. I know some of you must be biting their nails. But never mind, I will share the whole story with you in great detail. So let’s dive in. 


This was the first or initial step to find out whether it is used mobile for sale in the first place. I also knew very well that no bank would give me a credit card or a loan. So  I headed to different websites, blogs and videos on Youtube.

That gave me an idea to know the pros and cons of getting a used set for myself. All of them gave me valuable insights and information. I was looking for. And the budget was also part of the buying equation. The price I was ready to pay. Brand names, battery life cameras etc. to name a few.


This was the first catch. I navigated from one website to another. I read from one blog to another. This is the number which is present inside the android smart phones. Consumer markets are bombarded with it. They are unique numbers. That can be checked on the local telecoms operator regulator in any country.

The reason that I place it in the beginning is simple. I don’t want to get caught with a stolen phone or with one. That was used by criminals. So even when I went around different tech shops in the town. I just typed these IMEI numbers on the above mentioned websites. 

Physical Condition

This is also an important factor to consider. Used Android phones are bought. I checked several Smart phones physically. I moved them on both sides. In order to check the scratches, the screen, and whether it had a protector installed on it or not, the battery was working well. I also made sure to check the cameras both in the front and the back. 

I also tried to boot the smart phones and try to see. That it was working fine. I put on my Sim and made a test call to my friend John. He also received it and we talked for a while. I want to check whether the speaker and microphone are working fine. I also played some videos from YouTube, to see the video quality and the volume. 

I also check video quality and volume on a zoom call with my friend Jenny. 


I also checked this for my previous phone. So this time I also repeated it for a used phone. When I opened the pack, I checked for the headphones, battery charger. I also put the headphones and made sure that they were working fine. 

On the other hand I also checked that the charger was also in working condition. This is also good to see.  They don’t offer manufacturer’s warranties everything should be checked before making a decision to buy.

Refund Policy

  Consumers like us like it or not. This point also sometimes we miss out. We are in a hurry to buy the used mobiles. And later on regret, once we want to change our mind. That it’s not refundable. 

So therefore I also checked with different e-commerce websites. And looked and read about their refund policy in advance. I also went to different shops to know about returning the bought smart phones. 

Some of them said that they don’t buy back, while others spoke about exchange policy. And I was glad to see that some of them even told and were ready to give me a refund. 


I also took time to analyze different stores and websites about the shortlisted used mobile phones. Many had huge differences, while some of them had minimal differences in terms of prices. 

I also read many reviews of previous customers who bought from different websites. I also listed the features and compared it with the prices they were offering. 


Although it was time consuming job, and required some hard work as well. But I was happy to see that decision. I was somewhat rewarded for the years to come. 

Although it didn’t have the latest features of the new Smart phones, it was worth using and fulfilled many of my tasks during and after my job hours.