What is the Best Way to Buy Construction Materials & What is the best cement to build a house?

Buy Construction Materials

What is the best cement for building a house? This is a question that is often asked by people who are considering building a new home themselves. Yes, there is nothing wrong with this question, anyone who is considering building a house should think about this question, which cement is the best cement to build a house. Brick prices 2021, brick prices today are available on this page. How to buy bricks and buy construction materials? Bricks are sold in quantities of 500 pieces in an oxcart and 1,000 to 3,000 pieces in a tractor cart. Cart prices for individual bricks. 

How Find Best Cement in Low Price? 

The price of bricks varies from city to city depending on availability, cost of raw buy construction materials and labor.

How Many Types of bricks?

The price of bricks also depends on their size and quality. Bricks are graded according to the following criteria.

  1. Quality A – Awwal Ent
  2. Grade B – Doem Eent
  3. Rough Surfkai C Grade – Khangri Eent
  4. Calculate the number of bricks :

Based on this size, you can calculate the number of bricks you need to build a wall, room or house. Consider the size of the bricks and make sure you have the right dimensions for the construction. By calculating the number of bricks, you can easily estimate the total cost of bricks for building a building.

Which Process is use for Making Bricks?

Red refractory bricks are made in brick kilns. The kilns, which are clayed by hand, are brick factories. The raw materials or ingredients needed to make bricks are dense clay, water, mold and hearth (bhatta). The raw bricks are placed in bhatta racks where coal and other fuels are used to give them a high temperature.


The Brick Kiln Owners Association (BKOA) sets the standard operating procedures and prices for the work. It also consults with all members to set the prices of bricks in the country.


There is a wide range of cement manufacturers in India who offer high quality cement for all types of construction works.

How Many Types of cement and How to Use?

  1. In general, OPC 53 grade cement is suitable for all RCC structures such as foundations, columns, beams and slabs where initial and ultimate strength is a major structural requirement.
  2. PPC and PSC cements are recommended for general construction work and in particular for masonry, plastering and tiling, as initial strength is not the primary factor for these jobs.
  3. The use of PPC not only reduces construction costs, but also improves the quality of construction.

Where We Can Find Cheap Price in Best Cement?

  1. Honestly, the answer depends on how much you buy at a time. For small house construction, it is difficult to buy more than 200 bags at a time (as the risk of cement deterioration increases due to prolonged storage without use). Perhaps you can use the following tips,
  1. Do you know a builder? Take their help – builders have their preferred retailers/distributors that they source from. Not only can you get a lower price, but you can also get a 30-45 day payment term.
  2. Gather demand – This is unlikely, but if you know someone who builds on your site, you can ask them to join forces and buy everything in bulk.

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