What is the legal process of starting an app like Gojek?

gojek clone

There is no doubt about the fact that the world today needs nothing but technology. Everything that people thought could only be achievable by physically being there has been eliminated with the help of technology. Every day, we see something new popping up and while we are still getting used to the newness of one technology. There’s already another kid on the block. This is something very similar to what happened with the Business like Gojek application.

If you don’t know this already, Gojek is a multi million dollar app based multi service provider application aimed at helping people find all the services that they possibly need available with their smartphone. It essentially works like an Uber for different service providers.

It doesn’t restrict itself to just that. Also, allows people to hire bike taxis, regular taxis, order food delivery and much more just by using this simple app on their smartphones. Now, please note that the business model of this is pretty similar to that of Uber.

This means it is entirely commission based. Once someone uses the app, they simply pay the service provider an amount that is shown in the app. The service provider gives a portion of the total income to the App owner (Gojek app Owner) as a fee to use their platform to have found that job in the first place.

Start your own multi service based business

This business is something that is becoming a bit of a trendsetter. With more and more people understanding the tremendous potential of earning rom this platform people are beginning to invest in it.  But when you buy an app like this, you have to be fully aware of its legal procedures.

If you are serious about getting the Gojek clone app as a business solution for yourself, then these are the steps that you should follow in order to be absolutely sure that you will succeed and not run into any troubles along the way.


We can’t stress the importance of research enough. You have to understand the entire scope of the business like gojek. What all you want to include in it and what all can you do without. Once you know that, you have to start using and trying your competitor’s apps.

This will allow you to find out all the things that you like about the system. And all the things that you feel would hamper it. Then speak to a reputable Gojek clone app development company to help you build this app.

Getting the Legal documents

A large part of setting up a business like Gojek in any part of the world depends on the legal systems of the administration. You will have to speak to a lawyer and file for all the paperwork necessary to start off your business. Make sure that you do not rely only on the information provided on the internet. While most websites try to be helpful and give you all the important information. There may be a few things that they might miss out on. And that may lead to some unforeseen problems for you in the future.

Most of all, just make sure that you get your app from a very reliable mobile app development company. You have to be absolutely certain that you get your Gojek clone tested on the road before putting in any money in it.

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