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There’s no need wonder around when you have all the services under one roof. You can avail whichever service you want at a single click away. Customers as well as clients register on such apps and the service provider earns a commission. Investing in an on-demand app like Gojek clone will help you earn a huge profit.

Let’s understand the working of an gojek clone for on-demand service business

1) A user downloads the app on his smartphone. And he can register on the app by filling in the details. First of all, a user can set his desired language in the application. Then, from the list of the services, he can choose the service he needs. For example, taxi service.

gojek clone

2) In order to book a ride, he has to select a pick-up location and destination.  He can also choose the type of taxi of his choice from the given options.

3) Only the drivers in that vicinity will get a request. The driver who is the closest to the pick-up location will accept the ride. As soon as the driver accepts the ride, the user will get all the details of the driver and taxi. Apart from that, a user can also track the location.

4) There’s a feature that enables the customer to chat with the service provider in case it’s taking too long. The rider gets a notification when the driver arrives at the location.

5) Once the rider is dropped off at his destination, the app generates an invoice and both the driver as well as the user is notified.  The rider is allowed to pay the fare through any mode of payment.

Whereas for the on-demand food delivery app

1) The user can place an order from his favourite restaurant. The request is visible to all the drivers in the proximity. The driver who firsts accepts the request will have to get the job done. No sooner the driver accepts the customer’s request than he gets all the details.

2) The restaurant starts preparing the food as soon as it gets the order. The user can check the status of the order and details of the delivery boy.

3) Once the driver reaches the restaurant, he hands the order no to them.

4) When the picks up the order, the customer is notified that the food is ready, and is able to track the driver on the map route.

5) When the driver delivers the food to the customer, he marks the delivery as completed. And the customer can rate and review the experience.

Such on-demand service apps are much in demand these days, especially, Gojek clone. Because all the services are available under one platform. It’s a lucrative business that will help one make a lot of money. With a small investment in Gojek clone app, you get an opportunity to grow your business.

You can start this business in a short span of time. All you need is to get in touch with a mobile app development company. Purchase an on-demand app like Gojek and start earning a massive commission every time a user books through your app.

By Anurag Rathod

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