Bulltrade24 Review – a Customer-Oriented Online Trading Service Provider

Online Trading Service

In the recent years, the online trading industry has grown vast and it has introduced multiple trading instruments. However, the industry has become filled with online trading firms that are not up to standards. Many firms are either not regulated or offer one or two trading instruments. Only a handful of firms are able to offer all the benefits and security to the investors. If you are looking for a platform that is customer-oriented and offers a variety of trading instruments, you can read my Bulltrade24 review.


Bulltrade24 is one of the oldest online trading service providers. The reason why Bulltrade24 has continued operating for such a long time is because it has remained loyal to its claims as well as the investors.

Anyone using Bulltrade24’s trading services feels safe and secured when performing trades as the platform is regulated. It is customer-oriented and offers services and tools that are beneficial for the users.

The platform offers a variety of trading assets as well as a variety trading accounts. It strictly adheres to the regulatory policies that define the true legitimacy of a trading service provider.

Trading Instruments

Bulltrade24 has gained its reputation as it provides you with a variety of trading instruments. At the firm, you have access to multiple assets that include forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

The online trading service provider offers a list of instruments so you can choose the one you prefer to trade with. This way, you have the freedom to choose the instrument you like and not feel bound to a one or two assets.

To give you a better idea, Bulltrade24 offers you with more than 150 assets that you can trade through the platform.

Trading Accounts

The trading instruments is not the only aspect where you’d see Bulltrade24 offering multiple options. You will find multiple options when it comes to trading with the service provider.

You can choose to trade with accounts such as classic, silver, gold, and VIP. The choice is yours whichever trading account you wish to choose with, it is available at your service.

If you are a new trader and want to learn about trades, then it is recommended you go with the most basic account that is classic. You can choose other accounts the more your trading experience and confidence rises in the trading industry.

Each trading account at Bulltrade24 is capable of offering you with multiple services and benefits. Some of the major utilities include up to 1:400 leverage, trading signals, 1-on-1 educational sessions, dedicated account manager, cashbacks, swaps with discounts, and spreads.

Trading Platform

No matter where you are in the entire world, there is no way you will not be able to access Bulltrade24’s trading platform because it is available through web. All you need to do is keep your credentials with yourself and log into your account with the firm through an online browser.

The trading platform offered by Bulltrade24 is detailed and has been designed for your comfort and ease. The platform offers all sorts of latest trading tools and features, be it trading signals, market news, automated trading instructions, trading charts/graphs, or other kinds of latest utilities.

Adherence to KYC/AML

One of the best things about Bulltrade24 is that it is fully regulated. Its strict adherence with the KYC and AML policies makes sure that the platform is able to offer you with a high secure and professional trading environment.


At Bulltrade24, you have access to making deposits using three payment methods. These payment methods include Visa/Debit cards, payment link, and Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit requirement at Bulltrade24 is worth $100, which is for the classic trading account. Right after making the deposit, you can start trading with the platform offered by Bulltrade24.

Customer Support

The customer support at Bulltrade24 is available 24/5 so you can get in touch with them from Monday to Friday. It is up to you whether you wish to reach out to them via email or landline. You can even become part of Bulltrade24’s Telegram channel subscriber for the platform’s latest updates and announcements.

Ending Thoughts

The most important thing for any online trading service provider is to ensure that it strictly complies with the regulatory guidelines. If a platform does not do it, then no matter how many profits or services it claims to offer, it is at the risk of being shut down at any time. Therefore, you must choose wisely and do not let unregulated platforms fool you.