4 Small Ways to Build Confidence in Kids at Early Age

Build Confidence in Kids


Confidence is the key to make in this highly competitive world. People who achieve greatness are probably the most confident people on the planet. The art of confidence is built in them from the times when they were kids.

Kids are like blank slates. However, every scribble on the slate stays there forever. Here are 4 ways you can scribble your kids into a confident person of tomorrow.  

Encourage them

Encouragement is probably the most powerful fuel in building a child’s confidence in a primary school. It not only convinces them to do better but also develops leadership skills in them. Children who are encouraged to do general day-to-day tasks especially when they are trying new things builds confidence in them and perform better. These activities could be as simple as learning to walk, eating vegetables, sitting exams, or playing sports for the first time.

Encouragement does wonders to the child’s personality. According to a research paper published by Y Joel Wong, encouragement is termed as an expression of affirmation to instill courage, perseverance, confidence, inspiration, and most importantly faith in oneself when facing a challenging situation. Children who are constantly motivated and encouraged by teachers and their parents to explore in their life have better mental health and wellbeing. They also tend to achieve more in life compared to their peers. 

Be Humble

Confidence is important, but when left unchecked and constantly fed in wrong situations can often lead to arrogance. And no one wants their kid to be arrogant. So what do we do? Courtney Seiter, Former Director of People at Buffer offers an interesting solution that fits perfectly for the kids.

Courtney stresses people finding the right balance between humility and confidence. She sums it up beautifully when she says, “True confidence can stand up to a lot, and the biggest thing it can do is stand back and make room for others’ thoughts and ideas.” 

Kids can be taught humility by services to the less privileged. Parents can participate in this activity and teach kids values like compassion, services, and above all, love for all. 

Feed their hobbies

Confidence is not a one-way road. It has several components to it. Encouragement and Humility in kids at international school can only grow them so much. People should be self-sustainable, be able to generate confidence on their own, and not seek validation from everyone. 

One way to achieve this autonomy is through building hobbies in children. Hobbies are known to build confidence, improve organization & problem-solving skills, increase their attention to detail. Most importantly, it teaches to set achievable goals and not over-expect from oneself. This saves them from crossing the line between confidence and overconfidence.    

Celebrate Achievements

You should never miss a chance to tell your kids they did well when they did well. They should know that their achievements make you proud. Another way to grow confidence in your kids is to celebrate their achievements. 

Enthusiastic Celebration equals progression. When you take time to celebrate achievements, you tell them things you are proud of and that you’d like them to continue to do so. 

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