All about Blinds Cleaning And Maintenance

blinds cleaning and maintenance

Are your blinds dust or dirty? We’ll go over everything you need to know about blind cleaning and maintenance.

Here’s what you need: vacuum with hose connection, hot water, microfiber cloth, Easy Clean feather duster, and mild dish detergent Vertical blinds come in 2 styles, hard vinyl fins, which are the most common, and soft fabric flaps. To clean vinyl vertical blinds, use caution when handling the shutters. 

The tabs at the top of the flaps may break if pulled too far in one direction. It may be easier to remove the tabs from the clips when cleaning. To remove it, slide a credit card into the clip and gently slide the flap. 

To remove dust from vinyl fins, clean the fins with a microfiber cloth. For more dirt, you can clean the fins with soapy water and a microfiber cloth or let them soak in a bathtub. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the surface of the fin, so be careful. 

Vertical fabric blinds can generally be cleaned without removing the shutters. Dust off by sweeping the fabric with the vacuum cleaner brush, leaning from behind. For stains, you can clean the stains with a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water. Blot the stain to remove it and never rub, as this can cause pilling. Soaking fabric flaps may cause them to lose their shape or their dust cover. And never wash fabric flaps in the washing machine, as they may shrink or warp. 

Are your Fabric Blinds looking dingy from dust or stains?

Do your fabric curtains look dirty from dust or stains? We show you how to properly clean your curtains without damaging the fabric. 

Here’s what you need: A vacuum cleaner with a brush, microfiber cloth, hot soapy water and mild dish soap.If your curtains look dirty, it’s usually due to dust and dirt on the surface. Lift them by rubbing them gently on the fabric with the brush of the vacuum cleaner. If your curtains are stained, you can try blotting them with lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Dip a lint-free cloth in soapy water and gently pat the fabric. Do not rub as this can cause lint. dry with another cloth to avoid water marks and not to wet the fabric too much as this could deform the slats. Never immerse fabric curtains in water.

Are your Wood Blinds dusty or dirty?

 Are your wooden shutters dusty or dirty? Here is what you need: 

A vacuum cleaner with a hose, a dusting sprayer, a microfiber cloth, and an Easy Clean duster When cleaning wood blinds, treat them like stained wood furniture. To remove dust, you can also use a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner brush.To remove dirt and sticky build-up or prevent future dust, spray your Easy Clean Duster with furniture spray and clean the slats. Never use water or aggressive detergents on wooden shutters. They can cause warping, cracking, or discoloration. 

Is light shining in through gaps on the sides of your blinds or shades?

Does light filter through slits in the sides of curtains or drapes? Why light gaps occur All curtains should be slightly smaller than the window opening to avoid rubbing on the window frame when the product is raised or lowered. On some windows, the strip of wood or vinyl around the glass may overlap enough to cover the spaces, but otherwise light may pass through. 

Custom window treatments, made to order in your exact measurements, will always give you a tighter fit than custom fits or stock options. Bright spaces can appear to vary degrees. Cellular shades have the smallest, up to 1/4 “.Roller shades, solar shades, and Venetian shades have the largest light slots of up to 1/2 “on each side. If you are looking to cover the gaps on existing shades or shades, you have 2 options The first is layering the curtains on top of the blackout curtains will be the most effective. 

It will also give your windows a more elegant layered look. The second option is to add vinyl light blocks. These are strips with a sticky backing that you can easily adhere to your window to block crevices and keep out light.

Are you a day sleeper who needs absolute darkness when the sun is out?

 If you are ordering new window treatments and want to avoid light crevices, ask yourself first how much light you want. want to block overall Do you have daytime sleep that needs absolute sleep darkness when the weather is nice? Add blocks of white. And also remember to layer the curtains on top. If you don’t need total darkness, but want to reduce light gaps, cellular shades are available in light filtering fabric and fit the window perfectly to give you good coverage. 

When ordering new window treatments, another option to block light gaps is to switch to external media. Surface-mounted blinds are mounted on the outside of the window opening and enlarged on all sides to cover the entire window. It can hide decorative moldings, but it’s a great way to get complete window privacy and eliminate light gaps.

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