World’s Most Popular Taxi Hailing Brands

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When it comes to taxi, all you do is just pull your smartphone and simply book a ride. However, the trend of booking a taxi through app has almost replaced the waving service. Booking a taxi via app has become much easier and convenient for the people who usually commute. It is much cheaper as well as the availability of the rides never making them unhappy. The reason for ride availability is the taxi service brands that are being served all around the world. There are various best taxi service brands that are providing taxi services but not all are known to be the best.

In those many, there are only a few taxi services brands that actually satisfy their customers. However, eventually, new taxi services app brands are bouncing out from a different part of the world.

Well, Uber is known to be the best in this industry but nowadays everything is wrong with it. Uber is getting popular for the all the wrong reasons all around the world. However, it will be the best in class forever.

List of best taxi service brands that are making better business in different parts on the globe.


It is known to be China’s Uber app and is only available in the Chinese language. Just like Uber, Didi provides a wide range of rides for their customers. The ride can also be booked from the popular messaging app called WeChat as the Didi app does not support other languages. It is the best taxi service brand that offers multiple ride options with genuine ride rates.

best taxi service brands

Line Taxi

It is not a separate service; it is a part of the popular messaging app Line. This taxi services come from Japan and is serving more than 90 cities all around the world. Line taxi allows users to book only metered cabs and no personals cabs. However, this app is only available in the Japanese language and the English Version of this app is under construction.


It is a UK based taxi service that has already made its name in Europe as well as in Singapore too. Hailo also allows their customers to only book metered cabs for commuting. Riders can even schedule a ride through pre-booking a cab via Hailo app. Their services are very much popular that makes it one of the best taxi service brand.


Curb, the New York-based taxi service is very popular in many cities of the USA. It is the famous yellow cab service that is being captured in many movies. Curb is powered by the VeriFone System that manages the payment systems. The only drawback is that the riders have to pay booking charges, although the booking charges are just a dollar that does not even bother riders.

Having your own Mobile based taxi app is perhaps the best decision for you when it comes to running your own business. If you already have a taxi business, then it might be a good idea for you to get your entire business moved onto an application.

There are usually two basic ways in which you can approach an app based taxi business:

Building your own app from scratch

When you have an elaborate and detailed plan of action in sight, it is very easy to map out a clear chart of the functionalities of the app. The functionality of the app is essentially the entire flow of the app. How one action will determine the final outcome of the usage of the application?

Building your own app from scratch doesn’t mean that you have to sit and learn how to code. You can simply hire a team of developers who can develop the app for you. Just lay out all your requirements to them and they will be able to turn it into a working mobile application.

However, please be mentally prepared about the fact that building an app may take close to 3 years if done right. It will also be very capital intensive as it involves a lot of money. Development is an expensive thing and your budget might go up to a hundred thousand dollars.

Buying a cloned app

There are many cloned apps available in the market today. There are quite a few mobile apps development companies in the world today, that are developing beautiful clones of existing popular taxi apps.

These options have made it very easy for people to venture into a digital wave of taxi service. These apps are cheaper as compared to the “built from scratch” model and are better in terms of Quality assessment.

Since these apps are cloned from an existing application, it has essentially been used by hundreds of thousands of people and tested in various situations. Therefore, it is definitely a much safer bet. However, since there are too many options available in the market, you may get confused so as to which one is the best option for you.

Look for a company that offers a solution which isn’t priced very high and has a good amount of experience to back them. The app itself should be tested before you place an order for it. Take a free test run, a demo trial and only when you are satisfied, place the order for the app.

Make Your Own Taxi Brand The Best…

Well, these were the best taxi service brands that are based in different countries. Uber is excluded as it is on the top of the taxi industry but you can be a part of this industry too. All you have to do is contact an app providing company and purchase an uber clone for your own taxi business.

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