How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agency In Rotterdam?

top real estate agency in rotterdam

If you have decided to buy property in the city of Rotterdam, then you may have realized how important it is to hire the top real estate agency in Rotterdam so that you can have a smooth home-buying journey and get your hands on the right home. You need to consider the exact location, your budget, whether you will use a mortgage broker or a local bank, etc. Also, choosing the perfect real estate agent who can guide you through the market will also be essential.

Remember that sellers will take you more seriously if you go through the top real estate agency in Rotterdam when buying a house. Also, the housing property market in the Netherlands is crazy. So a real estate agent can also save you some headaches. This post includes tips to help you get the right real estate agent through your home-buying journey.

The Price

The prices for real estate agent services vary drastically. You can either get a fixed fee or a fee based on the percentage of the property. Going with the fixed fee would be best as your interest will align with the agent’s. You also need to keep in mind and check the VAT since some agents calculate their costs excluding VAT, while some include it. Currently, the VAT in the Netherlands is more than 20%.

Ensure that you compare the tasks and associated costs with each other. The more service you want, the more the price will be. Also, the level of service can differ drastically. Some important elements to consider:

  • Whether the real estate agent will accompany you for the visits
  • Consider the housing search
  • Whether the agent can get access to houses before posting on online housing platforms.
  • Whether the service includes the mortgage broker fee
  • How closely the contract will be reviewed

Whether the agent will accompany you to the notary or inspection

If you don’t have much time, using a full-service agent can help. If you are on a budget, look for an agent that offers just the basics. Estate agents who charge a percentage of the property’s value will argue that they provide more service. So make sure you review what you will be getting for the price. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you only pay the real estate agent after you get the keys to the property or after going to the notary.

Check The Agent’s Credentials And Local Working Knowledge

The profession of a real estate agent in the Netherlands is quite liberal. However, you can hire a real estate agent from any professional association since the agents registered at these are required to have a degree in real estate. Look for an agent who is associated with them and has complete local knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, and the current selling prices. This will be greatly helpful as they can advise you based on your needs. 

Memberships with these associations come with quality checks and education. So when selecting an agent, check for one of the logos on their website, as it is a great quality indicator and also assures you of a good outcome.

Check the real estate agent’s network and years of experience in the city. They should have an extensive network to offer you more insights and better terms due to their connections, thus, helping you with the bidding strategy as they will know other agents in the area. This industry is not devoid of favoritism. So look for a popular, well-respected, and known agent.

The real estate agency you choose will research and consider all your points of preference. They should have an extensive network and should offer various packages. Ensure they make in-depth comparisons for each expat and welcome questions and feedback after the deal is locked. Have a check on their previous customers, reviews, success rates, and other available data. 

Additional Certificates

In addition to being members of trade associations, real estate agents have certain certifications, including many badges and patches they like to brag about. Although these are not very useful, you still need to pay attention to them but keep your focus on other characteristics.

Compare The Fees They Charge For Their Services.

The real estate will tell you how much their fees will be. The good news is that the rank for real estate in the Netherlands is among the cheapest countries. The average agent in the Netherlands pays 1.3% for selling or buying a house, including VAT. Hence the rate is much lower than in most countries. However, you need to know the asking price for the property. Remember that this is a huge part of their selling strategy.

Making The Final Decision

Contacting multiple agencies will drive healthy competition. But in the Netherlands, look for getting exclusively based on the deal. So based on their marketing strategy, proposals, and estimated selling price, decide wisely on whom you want to work with.

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