Here Is A Guide To The Best Preschool In Ahmedabad And Its School Fees

best preschool in ahmedabad

preschool in ahmedabad is the first place where a child is required to be away from his parents. It is the initial testing period where the child is exposed to an outside environment and given the necessary tools and activities to help attain basic foundational skills like reading, writing and basic mathematical concepts.

Therefore, it is imperative to find the right environment where there is a positive atmosphere and where the teachers are well-trained to handle children of tender ages and also know the different methods and approaches to guide these children in the right direction.

Which is the best preschool in Ahmedabad?

Let’s talk about the Global Indian International school which has been one of the most successful schools. GIIS provides an award winning Montessori preschool curriculum to help young toddlers achieve a solid foundational knowledge.

What is unique about this best preschool in Ahmedabad?

GIIS’s Montessori curriculum is unique because it has its own pedagogical program called the GMP program (Global Montessori Plus Program). The plus in this global program indicates the learning process which is a blend of conventional and innovative teaching methodologies. 

This can be a huge advantage for young children who are often more active and attentive in an environment where there is self-initiated learning and freedom. 

The Global Montessori Plus Program is designed in such a way that the child learns through self-initiation and independence inside the classroom and is given the time and space to explore different Montessori activities at their own comfortable pace. This enables young children to become self-aware of their abilities and gives them the opportunity to make independent decisions.

Academic curriculum

Apart from the Montessori activities, the academic curriculum is imparted using latest technologies like smart classrooms and virtual labs which have an interactive learning environment.

Children are given a platform where they excel in preschool academic skills and are ready to transition to their primary grades without any challenges. When children have strong basic foundational skills they are likely to learn primary and secondary concepts and lessons with ease and speed.

5 Pillars of the GMP program

The GMP program is based on the five pillars which concentrate on academic skills, the importance of play to improve socio-emotional skills, the concept of caring for others through community drives, promoting multiple intelligences through thematic learning and lastly the use of a dynamic and advanced curriculum through technology to make children future-ready.

Private school’s fees

This private school’s fee is priced at Rs.60,776 for their GMP program ( preschool ) for children of ages 2.5 to 5 years. The fees can be paid in 4 terms annually and Rs.15,194 can be paid per term.

The admission procedure is quite simple and you can visit GIIS’s website to fill up the enquiry form and begin the admission process. Once enquiry is submitted, the admissions office will get in touch with you for further details. You can opt for a campus tour to take a look at the facilities provided and also have a detailed chat with the administrators of the school.


Global Indian International School is one of the best preschools in Ahmedabad and has already won 200 awards to its credit. It also has branches not just in India but other asian countries like Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Kuala Lumpur etc.

Their preschool method has been acknowledged by top governing bodies inside and outside India and is considered as one of the best holistic curriculums across top schools. And considering that this private school’s fee is affordable and reasonably priced, it can be one of the best options for International preschool education.

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