5 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

best celebrity engagement rings

Engagement rings are one of the hottest topics going, especially after two years of the pandemic. With the doors again open to let life in, people are marrying up! Last year, over 2 million engagement rings were sold in the USA alone.

If you’re part of a happy couple on the way to the altar, these 5 best celebrity engagement rings of all time may be a little outside your budget but that doesn’t stop them from providing abundant “ringspo!” Whether you’re going for a traditional diamond or an alternative stone, these engagement rings are templates for the ideal promise of enduring love.

  1. Princesses of Wales, Diana and Katherine

When King Charles (then Prince of Wales) proposed to Diana Spencer in 1981, the engagement ring was a source of controversy. Despite that, it also became one of the most famed engagement rings in the world. Today, it’s worn by Princess Katherine, wife of the heir apparent to the Throne, William, Prince of Wales.

Why the controversy? The size of the massive sapphire in the ring’s center was only one source of Royal upset. It’s rumored that Queen Elizabeth II was less than pleased that Diana selected a ring not specifically designed for the Royal Family. As for Diana’s motivation in selecting the 12-carat diamond and sapphire extravaganza, she was led either by sentimentality for the engagement ring worn by her mother or because the ring’s huge sapphire matched the startling color of Diana’s eyes.

  1. Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex)

While Katherine, Princess of Wales may sport the famed celebrity engagement ring of dearly departed “People’s Princess” Diana, Meghan Markle (now Duchess of Sussex), sports a ring designed by Prince Harry, himself. Included in its design are diamonds from his mother’s jewelry collection, symbolizing Diana’s beloved presence in the life of the couple.

Decidedly less showy than the Wales engagement ring, Meghan’s more modest setting is one from the heart. And while the ring itself is more humble, its origins are not, which means its value is inestimable due to the inclusion of the Princess Diana diamonds. On their own, these are valued at an estimated $160,000 USD.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor (Richard Burton)

Which engagement ring am I talking about? That’s a fair question, considering that this iconic Golden Age film star was engaged and married a whopping 8 times. But there is only one Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, associated with the star’s two marriages to the love of her life, actor Richard Burton.

That diamond caused a stir at auction, with Burton being outbid by famed jewelry house, Cartier. But Burton, not to be dissuaded, bought the gem back from Cartier the following day, allowing it to be displayed prior to being shipped to him. Described by a contemporary journalist as being “the size of a peach pit”, the 69.42 pear-shaped diamond was displayed to a crowd of 6,000 people, lining up for hours for a glimpse of the monolithic stone. Taylor eventually sold the gem due to the prohibitive cost of insurance and the requirement that she be accompanied by armed guards to wear it outside her home.

  1. Lauren Sanchez (Jeff Bezos)

Having already been launched into outer space, Jeff Bezos decided that the final frontier was a second marriage, proposing to Lauren Sanchez in May 2023, while attending Cannes from the tech mogul’s $500 million yacht moored off the coast.

While we wouldn’t expect any less of the eccentric multi-billionaire, the celebrity engagement ring is a celebrity in its own right, clocking in at an estimated 20-carats and rivaling Sanchez’s knuckles in size. I anticipate a wedding for the ages from this power couple, with sunglasses required to cut the glare of the engagement ring.

  1. Amal Clooney (George Clooney)

A vision of effortless grace and elegance, Amal Clooney’s engagement ring could not be more finely-tuned to her persona. Presented in 2014, the spectacular piece speaks to George Clooney’s knowledge of his now wife and his respect for who she is.

The 7-carat, emerald-cut stone is flanked by tapered baguettes in a classic design that Clooney himself helped with. With an estimated value of between $600 and $750K, the romance of the design and the value of the impeccable stones in their platinum setting make this one of the best celebrity engagement rings of all time.

  1.  Kate Bosworth (Justin Long)

Rumored to be an item since 2020, celebrities Kate Bosworth and Justin Long confirmed rumors they were dating in early 2022. But this couple avoided the customary hoopla of an engagement announcement by marrying on the sly, probably sometime in May 2023.

Wearing her engagement ring on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party’s red carpet, Bosworth sparked speculation with its conspicuously large stone, set in a ring said to be valued at $500K and weighing in at 10 carats. Set in yellow gold, the ring highlights its round solitaire diamond with a simple, unembellished band.

Whatever you’re planning, I hope these 6 best celebrity engagement rings provide the “ringspo” you need to hunt down your own ideal promise of enduring love.

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