What to Ask the Jewelry Designer While Creating Your Own Engagement Ring?

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Do you have any plans to propose to your beloved? If yes, then you may surely be in search of a custom engagement ring? You might end up visiting a renowned jeweler. But, before that, it would be good if you make a list of questions to ask a jeweler. Let us talk about the questions you need to ask a jeweler when you design your own engagement rings.

Ask These Questions When You Create Your Own Engagement Rings

1. Are There Any Restrictions to Engagement Ring Resizing?

When we talk about the ring’s size, it is good to know early what will be best-suited. There are some people who are not certain about the ring size. So, for them, there is a rule which is to go a bit bigger instead of smaller as creating a small-sized ruing is easy compared to the process of making it a bit larger.

2. What Type of Insurance Plan They Recommended?

Since you’ll be wearing your engagement ring for life, it is good to buy an insurance plan. It can prove to be helpful in the event of damage or loss. As per the suggestion of diamond experts, a person paying for a ring must either add it to their present home and contents insurance or take separate policies from any insurer.

3. Will I Be Able to Upgrade My Jewelry Afterward?

Trends and preferences may change with time. Therefore, you might find that you wish to remodel or upgrade your engagement ring after a while of purchase. You can find many jewelers online to upgrade your old jewelry pieces; it all depends on what you want.

4. What Additional Services are Provided by You?

While you build your own engagement rings or choose your engagement rings style, you can even ask the designer about additional services. These services can range from appraisals to ring sizing, from cleaning and servicing to remodeling.

5. Do You Offer Engraving Service?

You might wish to include something special to your custom design engagement rings. Engraving can be the best way to add a date or quote that is meaningful for both you and your future spouse. Ask your designer whether he offers engraving service or not when creating or modifying your own engagement ring.

6. How Should I Pay?

Since it is a big investment, you must save up some bucks prior to visiting a designer and buying a custom-made engagement ring. You must plan a budget in your head and adhere to it. When you meet your jewelry designer, do ask him about the payment options they offer.

7. Do You have any Exchange or Return Policy?

Buying a custom ring endures a great significance, and you have to be certain that you are putting money on the right thing since the selection is generally ultimate. Seek jewelry designers that can give you an exchange and return policy.

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You now may have got the idea of what to ask a jeweler when you create your own engagement ring. Learn more and design your dream ring for your future partner.

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