7 Best Beauty Hacks For Long Hair Extensions

long hair extensions

We love hair extensions for various reasons: they can transform and revive your look, empowering you to take over the world again. However, we’re all too familiar with being stuck in the same style rut, even with hair extensions in, which can be a bummer!   

Hair extensions are an excellent way to instantly transform short hair into long hair and thin hair into a voluminous mane. If you’re a hair extension novice, you might want to learn some fantastic DIY tips for maintaining long, flowing tresses.

Without further ado, here are the 7 best long hair extension hacks you can swear by

#1. Keep Your Tresses Clean  

Keep your extensions clean 

Here is a golden rule of thumb: always keep your tresses clean and away from product build-ups and dirt for the best results. 

And a surefire way to keep your hair extensions clean is by making sure you wash them regularly with good shampoos. 

A good shampoo? Well, a good shampoo is free of sulfates, alcohol, parabens, and other chemicals that can jeopardize your precious locks. 

However, different hair extensions, such as synthetic hair, human hair, remy hair, and others, have their own unique features, but we can assure you that they all need to be washed at least once every 5 uses.

Wash your long hair extension as you would your natural hair. Now that you’re aware that good shampoos can remove dirt, chemicals, and buildup from extensions, better yet, they also help extend their lifespan. 

#2. Air Dry Your Extensions 

After washing, gently wring out your hair extensions with a microfiber towel to remove any excess water. (Yes, we recommend a microfiber towel as it is gentler on your hair.)

Air-drying your hair will stimulate and improve its natural texture, retaining its style in its true form.

You’ll need to keep your hair extensions from tangling while they’re air drying. Here’s a quick tip: to keep your hair tangle-free, run your fingers through it. You can also dry your extension while it’s on, assuming they are human hair extensions.

#3. Proper Hair Extension Installation 

Let your stylist install your long hair extensions

When you use hair extensions the right way, they can actually last you longer. 

See your hairstylist if you aren’t sure how to put on long hair extensions. Wrong installation can put your hair through a lot of unnecessary damages like shedding and tangling. 

Here’s what we’ve all been doing in our lives: some things are always best left to the experts.

You can also find ways to install hair extensions on various websites. For that reason, it’s critical to choose the proper sort of installation for your hair type.  

#4. Style Your Hair Extensions Without Heat 

Here is why we strongly advise you to use human hair extensions: One of the benefits of getting human hair extensions is the ability to style human hair as if it were yours. 

Even better, because they are so receptive to other styling techniques, you can style them without heat. 

Consider Heatless Curls   

Braids for curls that last for days 

You don’t necessarily have to ruin your hair for some nice curls. Bin your curling irons or other hot tools that you use to make curls. 

We have found a healthier way to make curls without using heat. Braids!    

Yes, you can achieve soft, sea-like curls by braiding long hair extensions.

 The same is true for your natural hair! Braid your hair when it’s 90% dry. If your hair is naturally wavy, a loose side braid will give you beachy curls. 

That said, if your hair is straight, make a French braid to achieve amazing curls

Hair Rollers 

Hair rollers predate curling wands

Are you aware of hair rollers? Fact check: these rollers were the way to go for curly hair before heat rollers were invented. And they’re just as useful today.  

Wait until your hair is 90% dry before twisting it up around hair rollers. Keep the rollers in overnight. Unveil your curls and tidy up your hair with a fine-toothed comb in the morning. 

#5. Stack Hair Extensions For More Volume 

Let’s face it: if you’re anything like me, blending long hair extensions on our small head frame is tricky. Stacking hair extensions is another way to get a seamless result.  

Even if you have fine, thin hair, the stacking technique allows you to experiment with endless hairstyles. It also reduces the time to install the extensions. 

A word of caution: stacking more than two long hair extensions may be too much for your fine hair to handle. 

This provides a lot of volume without taking up much space. It also quickens the application process. 

#6. Pre-style Your Extensions Before Installing  

Pre-Style your long hair extensions for convenience 

If you’re familiar with hair extensions and how to apply them, you’ve probably discovered that styling them before you put them on is much easier. Styling them on a hanger is the way to go.

Styling long hair extensions while wearing them can harm your hair’s roots. It may also make your long hair extensions look shabby.

 For these reasons, styling your hair extensions before installing them is the best way to clear these hassles. 

Consider the pre-styling technique, whether you’re after sleek, straight hair or trying to add some curls. You can then attach the extensions to your hair and look stunning right away.

#7. Store Your Extensions  

Storing your long hair extensions properly is as important as attaching them the right way. Hair extension storage can extend its lifespan and retain its natural form.

We advise you to hang your hair extension on a stand or a hanger to keep them in good shape and then store them properly. 

This technique will keep your extensions tangle-free and shield them from damages.

Bottom Line 

There’s no doubt hair extensions are a huge investment. So get the best of it by treating it with every TLC. After all, they’re doing you a great favor by making you look and feel good!   

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