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Host An Unforgettable BBQ Party 

The sun is out and the days are long—it’s the perfect season to make memories that last a lifetime. Every great cookout has a grill master. Your first priority is to make sure your guests can enjoy flavorful and tender cuts from the grill. A great BBQ is memorable because it includes all the people who make life special. Whether you are keeping your party small, or inviting friends and family from all over, you want everyone to come away satisfied and with a good story. 

You’ve thought of everything. The grill is ready, along with all your other favorite outdoor appliances. Yet you want to make sure that this cookout is unlike any other. You’ve done the hard work of practicing your smoking, grilling, and frying technique all season. When it comes to going the extra mile, we’ve got you covered with ideas to take your BBQ from great to unforgettable. 

Make your Guests Feel Special

The perfect menu and outdoor appliances are the essential ingredients to any unforgettable BBQ. However, the secret sauce to an excellent party is making your guests feel like they are at a luxury event, even in your backyard. Luxury isn’t always about the price. It is a feeling of being catered to and having your needs anticipated. From handwashing stations to comfortable seating, a luxurious outdoor event can top the fanciest dinner party because it comes with a relaxed atmosphere. There are countless ways to provide a little indulgence at your summer cookout. Here are a few to get you started. 

  • Beat the summer heat with misting fans in your sitting areas.  
  • Trade basic plastic forks for bamboo cutlery. 
  • Invest in solar-powered lights to keep the party going into the evening. 
  • Hire a band or a DJ and invite guests to break out their best dance moves.
  • Level up your drink station with specialty cocktails and mocktails.
  • Set up a self-serve smoothie station or hot bar using outdoor kitchen appliances

Create a Unique Conversation Starter

Depending on the kind of outdoor appliance you own, your outdoor kitchen or smoker could be a show-stopper that all your guests gather around to admire. If you consider yourself a grill master, you can do a demo of your favorite BBQ dish and invite your guests to participate. Whether you are roasting, smoking, or baking in an outdoor oven, 

If you’d rather keep the grilling low stakes, you can create excitement for your guests by bringing in a conversation piece that will intrigue your guests and prompt discussion. A backyard sculpture is the perfect way to pique interest and share your personal taste. There are many options for temporary or permanent installations that you can host at your home. There are even options for pieces you can rent specifically for your event.

A backyard water feature is another way to draw your guests into an unforgettable experience. A punch fountain is a fun way to provide both refreshment and intrigue. You can also have a temporary water display that adds the soothing sound of water along with other elements to create a zen-like feel. If you have a pond or live near a lake, consider making this the venue for your BBQ. Invite your guests to enjoy an afternoon of catch-and-release fishing, or if the lake permits, you can catch a few big ones to serve up on the outdoor appliance of your choice. 

There are also options for edible sculptures using fruit, chocolate, or veggies to assemble a one-of-a-kind creation. Your guests will have as much fun admiring the design as they do making it disappear. 

Consider an Interactive Element

Games aren’t just for kids. Just as your favorite outdoor appliance is like a prized toy, games geared at your guests can help liven up your party. You can create an atmosphere of play that is rare for many adults who are used to a more structured life. We all crave time to let loose and those moments often become the most memorable times. Help your guests remember their wild side with a few options to get active and engage in an activity. You can rest assured that your guests will talk about the fun they had for months to come. Here are a few ideas to spice up your cookout.

  • Create a scavenger hunt to get people moving 
  • Plan a trivia game based on your guest’s interests
  • Play a round of improv using prompts 
  • Rent a karaoke machine for the evening
  • Stage an outdoor version of Clue 
  • Hire an artist to do a short painting workshop

A Summer Cookout to Remember

There is something special about summer that seems to slow down time when we spend it in good company. The smell of meat and veggies cooking on the grill and the sound of laughter and music in the air bring back memories of all your favorite summers. When you’re attending a truly wonderful party, there is a feeling of wanting the day to stretch as far as it can. The right atmosphere, food, and people are a winning combination for lifelong memories. You can help create that feeling for others and have them talking about the amazing time they had. You don’t have to stress over every detail of your BBQ, it is more about the thought and intention to spend time with your favorite people. With your trusted grill and other outdoor appliances by your side, and this list of fun and interesting ideas to try you can create the most memorable summer cookout yet. 

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