How to Pick the Best Andrologist in Jaipur

andrologist in jaipur

The branch of medical science that studies all the factors of men’s health, peculiarly infertility, and sexual dysfunction in males is known as Andrology. And the person who studies this branch is called an andrologist. 

Andrologists are urologists who are specialized in treating sexual issues related to male fertility and sexuality. Whereas urology involves the study and treatment of sexual disorders in the urinary tract and adrenal gland. It is slightly different from urology. Andrology consists of the treatment of physical conditions that affect genitalia (such as undescended testes, diseases, and injuries that may affect sexual fertility and functions.

If you are suffering from sexual dysfunctions, and it is affecting your professional and personal life, then the best thing to do is seek a specialized doctor for proper consultation. By doing so, you can get the exact cause of your sexual problem and get it diagnosed. But the market is full of doctors and sexual dysfunction treatments, and it is quite challenging to find the right doctor of your choice. We will share some points that will help you to identify the right choice for urologists in Jaipur. 

What types of treatment Provided by Andrologist in Jaipur

Problems that can be diagnosed by an Andrologists are as follows:

  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Peyronie’s disease 
  • Premature Ejaculation 
  • Low testosterone level and Andropause
  • Anejaculation 
  • Delayed and Retrograde Ejaculation ‘
  • And other sexually transmitted diseases

These problems are diagnosed by physical examinations, clinical history, injection tests, and semen analysis.

And the treatments provided for treatments are as follows:

  • Pharmacotherapies
  • Injection therapies
  • Vacuum erection devices 
  • Penile rehabilitation and 
  • Psycho sexuality counseling

How to pick the best Andrologists in Jaipur

When we are searching for something, we make sure to choose the best in the market. The same goes for picking doctors for your treatment. It is crucially important that the medical care we are selecting are expert and excellent in their field. And that is why it is essential to take some for research while searching for andrologists in Jaipur. 

Here are some factors that will help you to identify your ideal choice for andrologist : 

1. Referrals of andrologist doctors in Jaipur

You can start your research by asking about the best clinic by your personal care doctor. They can help you to come up with some primary options. You can always ask your friends and family and people who have a better understanding of the field. People suffering from the same sexual problems will make you understand better about the procedures and treatment.  

2. Experience of an Andrologist

After referrals, the first task would be to list down some best-recommended doctors in Jaipur. Once you listed down the list of doctors, you are ready for the research. Experience plays a vital role when you’re choosing the clinic/doctor. Take out some time to gather information about their involvement in the respective field and skills related to that. Ask about the number of patients who have treated having same-sexual issues. Learn about their training and certification for better understanding.    

3. Research the Andrologists credentials

Board Certification is a very significant factor that you must consider while looking for an andrologist. You can find if the doctor has the needed training, experience, and skills to provide the andrological care to you. It confirms that the doctor has no medical claim or history of malpractice. The certificate will give you information about the doctor’s medical history, his/her training hospital, and the disciplinary history. In other words, the biodata of the doctor’s medical background.

4. Research for Clinic Quality in Jaipur

The choice of the clinic will help you till the end of the treatment. Look out for the best quality of care at the hospital. Take some time to search which hospital provides the best quality care for their patients. We all know that hospitals with better quality have fewer chances for complications and also has better survival rates as compared to others. If the location also matters to you, find the hospital that is centrally located and near the city. It’s on you whether you want the location to encourage or discourage timely care.

5. Read the Reviews Given by Patients

As we all know, we can get the reviews on each and everything on google, whether it is a restaurant, a cafe, or even a hospital. So read the reviews given by the patients to the doctor as well as the hospital. You can see the ratings and recommendations on their website. The reviews and comments provided by the patients are 100% genuine and unbiased. And that is why you can consider them while selecting the best urologists in Jaipur.

6. Personal meeting with the Andrologist

After filtering the list of doctors, the last thing to do is setting a personal meeting with them. It is necessary to build up the trust and relation with the doctor as you’ll be sharing very intimate information about yourself. Because with every medical treatment, there is a specific type of intimacy involved. It would help if you felt comfortable with the doctor. If not, then the particular person is not the ideal choice to seek.  

7. Check the technology they’re using.

Before coming to the final decision, you can always check what kind of technologies and machines they’re using for the andrologist treatment in Jaipur. As well as the type of insurance they are using. These criteria will help to whittle down the list. 

When looking for an andrologist in Jaipur, we hope you’ll consider IASH Jaipur. With the team of highly qualified doctors and the best hospitality, IASH is treating people having sexual dysfunction and are providing treatments for the betterment of society.

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