12 Best Adsense Alternatives That You Should Know

Adsense Alternatives

Currently, the use of advertising from Google Adsense for Blogs and the Web is popular enough to be able to get money from the internet. However, did you know that besides Google Adsense, there are some of the best Adsense alternatives that also provide the latest high paying in 2021. This information can be used as tips for many people who have signed up for Adsense but were rejected.

Google Adsense itself is a publisher that providing the high paying advertising services currently. However, being able to join and be accepted by Google Adsense is not an instant or easy thing. You are required to follow the rules that have been enforced by Google management.

If you have tried many times and failed to be accepted by Google Adsense, don’t worry. You can still maximize your blog and website to make money immediately with other best Adsense alternatives that you should know. What are you curious about?

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1. Adsense Alternatives AD Maven

Have you heard of AD Maven before? Did you know AD Maven is the largest ad network in the form of push notifications and full view ads. Interestingly, AD Maven has been used by more than 150 million users with 5 billion broadcasts every day. One of the advantages it offers is the relatively large CPM rate.

2. Adsense Alternatives AdBuff

AdBuff is in the list of Adsense alternatives that offer CPM and CPC ads that have a 100% fill rate. Well, for those of you who have interest in joining AdBuff as a publisher, then you must have a quality website with 2000 organic traffic that you get from search engines every day. The minimum payment is $ 100 through various payment options such as Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paypal and so on.

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3. HillTopAds

HillTopAds is one of the next best CPC and CPM ad networks for those of you who have medium or large-scale webmasters. Here you can find anti-ad blocker technology that allows you to get paid from the web by placing advertisements from HillTopAds. Just like Adsense, HillTopAds also selects and reviews the registering web as an effort to keep it safe and good.

4. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the services engaged in the BPS advertising industry. They continue to experience significant progress in offering various options for monetization of bloggers. For example, they offer such as banner ads, sliders, pop unders, mobile display banners and many more options for publishers to choose from.

5. BuySellAds

For those of you who are still newcomers to the world of blogger, BuySellAds can be the right alternative choice. Why? Because BuySellAds itself does not have difficult requirements to do if you want to become a publisher partner. For example, if you only have hundreds of visits to blogger, you can count it by working with the AskSellAds CPM ad network.

6. Conversant Media

The next Adsense alternative is Conversant Media which is an advertising industry that is already popular in offering monetization for blogs and the web as well as applications such as Admob. Conversant Media itself is the same industry as the well-known affiliate by Commission Junction based on BPS advertising which tends to be more expensive. To be accepted as a Conversant Media publisher, you will need at least 3,000 broadcasts per month.

7. Media.Net

Media.Net is a well-known and leading CPM advertising provider in implementing advertising programs in the world. They are trusted advisor to top management in various major publishers. Listed publisher clients include MSN, Forbes, Yahoo, Kiplinger, NY Daily News, and many others.

8. UpToPromo

For you WordPress platform users, UpToPromo can be used as an alternative to Google Adsense. Its use itself is quite easy, where you just have to follow the orders that are already available from the industry.

9. Adsense Alternatives PopCash

PopCash is a well-known advertising provider. As a publisher partner at PopCash, it is possible to receive hefty payments. PopCash requires 5,000 ad broadcasts to earn $ 10 in revenue. Even interestingly, if you have a quality website, you can reach the target of up to millions every day.

10. Criteo

Criteo is a BPS ad-based network that has grown quite rapidly. During these years, Criteo has been a leader in the field of digital advertising. Criteo offers large CPMs and expensive conversions for publishers. No kidding, this industry alone has served more than 740 billion advertisements which are listed as extraordinary advertisers throughout the world.

11. Facebook Ads

Who is not familiar with social media Facebook as the social network with the most users in the world? It turns out that Facebook also acts as an advertising provider. Facebook has a new program called practical article. So, every post that gets a thousand clicks then you can get 5 dollars’ worth of money.

If you are interested, then you must meet the requirements by Facebook Ads first. For example, you must have a minimum of 10 articles submitted. Later, Facebook Ads will review it before accepting you as a publisher on Facebook Ads.

12. PropellerAds

PropellerAds provides the highest paying publishers with the best variety of advertising options. Interestingly, PropellerAds can support all dimensions of advertising in both onclick and in banner video ad formats. If you place your ads strategically you will find it easier to get 1 to 2-dollar CPM.

Thus, the complete information that discusses the list of the latest 2021 Adsense alternatives that are proven to pay high paying. Isn’t this Adsense alternative worth considering for your blog and website today? You can see information related to education, reviews, and tutorial updates at Fowaro.com

Each of the Adsense alternatives that we have discussed has their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can consider which one is most suitable and suitable for you to use to optimize the use of your blog and website to make money and be successful. May be useful.

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