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Initially, local customers or the target audience that would be available in the local areas of the store was targeted through advertises in the local newspapers and flyers distributed in the area. However, it took a lot of effort and cost more money to buy space in the newspaper advertisements. Therefore, most businesses now decide to go for advertisements through social media networking sites. For this, there is a need to consult a social media marketing expert who would be capable of suggesting the best ways to market on the social media.

Reasons for Selecting Facebook Advertisements:

  • It is quite easy for the business to filter people out according to their location and concentrate your advertisements on the people near your business location.
  • Google is not the best place for local ads because people do not search Google for products and services they purchase locally.
  • People who have purchased products and services from you before can be targeted through Facebook advertisements with the custom feature.
  • It is easy for the local businesses to advertise discounts and other coupons on the Facebook advertisements, using the app for Facebook offer to do so. These might be the sphere of agencies; therefore the business needs to employ the best PPC agency for this.

It is important to note that the same type of advertisements might bring out different results on different sites and mediums. For example, an ad might work well on Google but the same ad will not be enough for Google. This is because on Google, your ad comes up when the specific keywords associated with your business is searched for, thus making sure that only people interested see your ad. However, on Facebook ads, not all people seeing your ad might be interested in your business. Therefore, there is a need to consult a social media marketing expert for the advertisement.

·         Selecting The Form Of Ad on Facebook:

There are many forms of advertisements that can be put up on Facebook and some have been specifically directed towards impressing and engaging local audiences and local businesses. The local businesses need to indicate the geographic area that they are targeting, thus defining your target audience too. This can be done through your business account on Facebook by selecting the objective of your ad, like the promotion of your page. This can be done in a professional way through the employment of the best PPC agency. This also helps in determining the demographic and gender of the target audience that would benefit the business. 

·         Go Beyond Location Preferences:

As mentioned before, the Facebook ads targeting just the geographical location might be too broad as it might consist of all age groups and genders. Therefore, Facebook ads also offer an option to narrow down on specific audiences according to the age demographic and gender that might pertain to your local business. For example, if your local business sells ladies ethnic wear, you might choose the females as a preference for your gender. This is the best that you can do to target your specific audiences who might be interested.

·         Automatic Selection of Location:

When you have a business account on Facebook, the app can already figure out your location and target the audience by highlighting your geographical area. The app has an in built map that can be opened up to customize your location if you need to change it and it is quite easy to fix your location on the app by changing the targeted area that has been automatically marked by Facebook by default.

·         Custom Targeting:

There isn’t just a single way to target the local audience for your local business on Facebook. With the help of a social media marketing expert, the site can prove to be quite beneficial for the businesses. This can be done by custom targeting of the audience by the updating of the email addresses of all existing customers, to show the targeted ads to them on their Facebook feed. However, make sure that you extract this information from the customers themselves when they purchase your products or services. This will show targeted ads to the accounts linked to these email addresses on Facebook.

·         Make The Targeted Audience Tap On The Ads:

People come across many ads on their Facebook feeds and many a times they are too busy to even take notice, let alone clicking on the ads and open them up. Therefore, the businesses need to make the users click on these ads by providing incentives that they will notice and be interested in. The best way to do so is to provide a discount coupon on their feed because discount always piques the curiosity of the customers. It can be as low as a twenty percent off and would grab the attention of the users in Facebook. It would be beneficial to gather the assistance of the best PPC agency in our locale to get better results.

·         Statistics Help In Analyzing Results:

After putting out the ads to your local targeted audience, the process is not over. A social media marketing expert would advise you to keep a tab on the number of users clicking on the ads or coupons and the people who are actually making a purchase through these ads. This can be done after completing the other steps, thus helping the businesses get the knowledge of the methods that are working and the ones that are not, making the businesses improve their targeted ads on Facebook.

·         Optimization Can Lead to Increase in Visitors:

The Facebook advertisements can be optimized through tests like the Control and Treatment test wherein two distinct versions are tested to recognize the chances of the page optimization being optimal. This requires the creation of several versions of the same ad with a single factor different, to figure out the best version. The variables that should be tested are the image, headline and the landing page of the advertisement. This needs to be done with the guidance of a social media marketing expert so that the optimization pays off.

Combine The Ads with Follow Up Mails:

The Facebook users will not necessarily use your coupons that they have received just after they click on the ads. Most people are engrossed in doing something else and might be busy, therefore they may decide to save up the coupon for using it later on and might eventually not remember that they had saved it. Therefore, as a reminder for them using their coupons and reminding them of your business, you need to follow up and carry out a whole campaign. The PPC campaign should be under the best PPC agency that the business can afford.

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