Best 9 Tips For Recruiting Students Through Digital Marketing

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The competition among universities is increasing as the number of universities is increasing in Dubai. The students huddling to find the best University for them and their many colleges that are not even known by them. Sometimes students get confused because of the number of suggestions they get. And even universities struggle to reach the ideal audience.

Everything is getting dependent on technology, from buying to selling, searching or teaching, hiring employees and many other things. In this all, social media plays a crucial role in it. Thus, marketing digitally is the best and innovative idea to reach the subject.

Every University in Dubai or of any country has also started digital marketing and it helps them and students also.

How do they manage all the things? Do universities hire marketing recruitment of agencies? If yes, then what is the process?

Managing the University is not easy, there are several tasks to do. Every work should be in skilled and professional hands. Therefore, universities hire best Marketing Recruitment Agency Dubai formaintaining the digital marketing websites of universities.

Why choose Marketing Recruitment Agency, Dubai

These agencies function professionally knowing audiences and the clients’ needs. As every university has different criteria, so it’s necessary to provide a result according to that. They make everything on point and give flexibility to the marketing for better interaction between the students and university. It’s not easy to convince or recruit students in a particular university when there are thousands of universities standing in the competition.

So, the methods and ways should be creative and unique to set an impression of the university to recruit more and more students.

Experienced agencies know how to encourage students and to increase the visibility of their university website they know where students spend their time most. The artificial intelligence of social media also helps a lot.

Digital Marketing is a very convenient and innovative way to reach an audience and when some qualified team works on it then it becomes more effective.

There are some strategies and tips used by Marketing Recruitment Agencies Dubaito recruit students. These tips are effective and productive as they are used by many recruitment agencies and give the best outcome.

Best 9 Tips for Recruiting Students through Digital Marketing

Know the hangout place of your audience

Start from the online platform where the audience is in abundance. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that every student does not use the same platform. Age group and the course the students want to pursue determine the platform they use. So, the planning of digital marketing begins when an agency knows what kind of programme you are offering to students.

The freshers mostly enjoy Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc but for students who are looking for post-graduation or doing some internships then there are more chances they will be on Twitter, LinkedIn.Generally, Instagram is the commonplace or we can say the most used social media platform. Therefore, first, know your University programmes then move to the second step.

Creative Post

Knowing the target audience is not enough, now to compel them with your creativity. As I already mentioned, just like you others are standing in front of you to give a tough competition. So, it’s only your creative mind that can make you extraordinary.

Making temporary questions answers forms or inquiry boxes to know them more can help a lot. This will result in more engagement on your website. Many other ways such as using characters, pictures, videos, telling the stories through slides. At least these things make them visit your website and increase your reach.

Including Views of other Students

It’s not like the student sees a post and decides to recruit. They want a base to trust somebody. Specifically, “other students of the same university” can be helpful to recruit students through Digital Marketing. Recruitment agencies include the opinions or views of other students as a text or video and this makes students decide rationally.

Go with the Trend

Every day new trends appear on social media whether just for entertainment purposes or to circulate a social message. If universities participate in this trend without spoiling their images can increase visibility. People will know them more and thus engagement led to more recruitments.

Do not forget WhatsApp

 The most convenient app ever has a very important role in every field. For personal inquiries and communication, this is the best solution. Making WhatsApp groups or giving someone the responsibility to handle the problems of the students.

It can be linked in the post so that it becomes easy for social media users to jump on WhatsApp and ask whatever they want, and solve the query as soon as possible. This is an easy, powerful and ends to end encrypted app.

Using Factual Content

Being real is the quality that is loved by everyone. The content you are using in digital marketing should be real and based on facts.

Including surveys, facts, numerical data can serve a lot to university seekers. Numbers and facts attract more audiences and make them read and search for more things about a certain university.

Guide them and try to give every information in brief. From applying to the course detail should be there. Work in every aspect- how? why? when? what?

Alumni: For promotion

Who doesn’t like to study at the university where the famous personality has graduated?

Using the face of alumni can work as a promotion for your university. Using pictures of famous alumni in the post or videos can motivate students to opt for that university.

Engaging university staff

Involving university staff in digital marketing is also the best idea. Uploading their videos or quotes in which they advise the students and indirectly recommending and promoting their university in a very convincing way can be proven best strategy for recruiting students.

Analysing the interaction of students

The last thing to do is analyse that by what digital marketing strategy the students are interacting with you most. And which platform is more effective? How are they engaging? Keeping all this data can help in future to interact in their way.

Don’t make plans only the way you like, make plans according to the way the students like.

These are the 9 tips to use by the Marketing Recruitment Agencies, Dubaito recruit students to University.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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