How to set a harmony in designing a house?

interior design trends.

When it comes to designing or remodeling a home, there are a few essential things to think about beforehand to achieve harmony. These key aspects include paying attention to door choice and opting for either one design in different shades or perhaps a few door designs throughout our home. What’s more, doors need to be balanced with the floor, which is yet another essential aspect to have in mind.

There are always colors that are trending, so you can go for the trendy look, however, you don’t have to, if it’s not to your liking. Materials also play an important role in achieving harmony as we can go for some natural materials as opposed to some artificial ones. Or perhaps a combo of the two for a modern, sleek look. To achieve a truly harmonious atmosphere, all the details should be balanced as well. Take a look at some hot interior design trends.

1.   Pay attention to doors

To create a sense of balance and cohesion throughout their home, many people opt for the same door design for all interior doors. In this case, you need to make sure that the door style matches the floor. You can go for a door that’s easily customized and that can fit in with a few floor designs. Many doors come pre-primed in white, which means that they can easily be painted in any other color or shade of color that you need for other rooms perhaps. An important aspect that we tend to overlook is that you should have in mind the door while it’s open and think about whether it matches the other room as well.

2.   Make sure the doors match the floors

It is key to have these two basic features of our home match each other. That’s why experts suggest taking a few floor samples while going door shopping. It will help you get the idea of how they will fit in together. It’s much better to see the textures in person than having to visualize them in our mind’s eye. This is also possible if you’re shopping online, although in a slightly different way. You can ask for some samples of both door finishes and flooring, so you could make your final decision. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a property that’s already designed to your taste, you can hire professionals such as Curtis Associates who can help you in finding your dream home.

3.   Consider colors

Every period is characterized by certain colors that are more popular than others – no one knows really why. For instance, these days, different shades of grey are trending in the aspect of interior design. This is true for both the already-mentioned doors and flooring. People who want the minimalistic look usually opt for cool grey, for example. Grey is a fantastic color if you want to blend a diversity of colors and styles. Carefully consider all the different shades of grey for each room in your home. If you’re going for grey doors, make sure that the shade matches the floor.

4.   Take materials into consideration

Some people are keen on natural wood due to its raw and rustic look, while others prefer painted wood for its uniformity. This is a matter of personal choice, but you need to have the big picture in mind. You should avoid too many different shades of natural wood, as you might cause a color clash, which is going to affect harmony around your home. If you opt for a natural wood floor, match the door color accordingly. If you ignore doing it, after a while you will be tired of the mess in your house decoration.

5.   Keep it natural

Fine quality materials such as wood, clay, terracotta and marble never go out of style and they breathe elegance. By opting for such materials, you are making your home seem warm and homey, with a natural appeal, especially if you add a few plants here and there. Together with the natural look also comes the rustic look, which combines wood-effect porcelain vases and other accessories to decorate your home with. Lastly, attention to detail is crucial. To achieve true harmony, details are what matters, so choose them wisely.

When remodeling, think about the effect you’re trying to achieve and then consider all the essential features carefully. Go online for some inspiration and choose the best one to use in your place. So that, you can always enjoy living in a place that you have picked its design.

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