Why are bespoke engagement rings in London popular?

Engagement rings in Hatton Garden

Each of us is unique in our own way and similar to our personalities each of us want to possess certain things which are not like any other. Jewellery is one of those things.  Most women would want to have ornaments that are not just beautiful but also rare and one of a kind. One of the easiest ways to own a rare piece is to custom make it, especially engagement rings.

Who wouldn’t want a ring that is unique and can’t be found on anyone else’s finger? In the past, it was tradition for men to work with jewellers and create a ring with which they would propose their bride to be. In the last few years, the concept of individuality has regained a lot of attention and has shifted focus towards customization of engagement rings. Let’s see why.

Romantic and unique:

A custom made or bespoke engagement rings is not just unique but also romantic in a huge way. When you get your engagement rings custom made, you essentially design a ring which is unrivaled and distinctive. Something, that only you will possess and pass it on to the next generation as a legacy. Also, the effort your partner puts into thinking of a beautiful design and giving it life makes the entire gesture of customizing a ring a truly romantic one. 

Bespoke is Ethical:

Many diamonds and metals that are used to make rings are mined under unethical and dangerous conditions using exploited labor. When you choose to custom make your ring, you will have information about the materials being used to make the ring; whether it was mined ethically and is GIA certified or not. This way you can steer clear of any materials that were mined unethically or are fake. Engagement rings in Hatton Garden are made with ethically mined materials and their talented professionals will help you create your own bespoke engagement ring.

Expresses emotions:

Every couple has their own story and one of the best ways to commemorate their journey is to create a bespoke ring that reflects the same.  Each element of your ring right from the stone to the metal band can be something that you and partner identify with. You can truly express yourself while creating the ring of your choice, a ring that will bear witness to the unique bond you share with your significant other. For example, you can choose the color of the stone or the metal band to be your partner’s favorite color, or their birthstone or engrave something special to both of you. Costs same as an off the shelf ring:

Most of the time, the readymade rings that are available don’t wow you or connect with you entirely. Since the bespoke engagement rings cost the same as any high end engagement ring, it makes more sense to opt for a customized engagement ring that is made entirely according to your tastes. Most jewellers in London, like the Hatton Gardens jewellers, will be able to help you get creative with your bespoke engagement rings and design something beautiful at no extra cost.

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