How Do Custom Plush Toys Play As Brand Ambassadors?

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Brands play a crucial role in steering our lives. Only a few manage to leave a deep impression whose memory cannot be erased. This case is similar to many brands available in the market right now. Whenever we visit a grocery store or a toy store, what attracts us is not just the packaging of the product but also the brand’s icon that is represented on it. A custom plush toy is more than just an object with a flamboyant dress that smiles and dances around at local events. A mascot has the power to bring life to your brand, it gives a face to your business, helps in telling your story to people, gets the right exposure for your brand, and makes your brand more friendly and memorable. 

A brand mascot if designed properly can envelop the values ​​of your brand with an overall objective to make your business recognizable and unforgettable. In fact, some mascots are instantly identifiable and the most important thing is that they are strongly associated with the brand they are representing.

There are several brand mascots that are easily recognizable such as karate bunny, mickey mouse, M&M Spokescandies, BMO bear, etc. Whenever we are driving down the road, seeing images of custom plushies on the billboards, or watching them on the social media platforms, we immediately start associating them with the respective brands that they represent. Well, you know that the association works both ways with strong brands.   

When someone mentions a brand name, we instantly envision the mascot associated with it and vice versa. Therefore, with effective marketing strategies, if people are exposed to the brands and their mascots frequently, they both take a singular personality. If the entire process is carried out correctly and precisely, it’s easy to make people like and trust your brand. 

How To Bring Life To Custom Plush Toys?

It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, having a band mascot that represents your business is beneficial. It can be extremely impressive and powerful that can help in gaining brand recognition and sales growth. Mascots are generally the economical way to market your brand and can be introduced through digital and print mediums. Once the custom plush toy is created, a costume needs to be designed that brings it a life of its own, appear at events, and actually connect directly with the audience.

Isn’t that what every brand expects? To successfully market their brand with a memorable and positive image? One other way is to put the brand mascot’s face on products’ packaging and giveaways to get your brand out there. 

How To Design An Attractive Brand Logo/Plushie?

The logo of the business needs to be carefully designed to present the brand effectively for success. Therefore, before trying to design a plushie for a brand, there are important aspects that need to be considered:

Back story. A brand’s logo should have a story. Think about when the brand was born and take into account the mission statement, value, and anything else that is considered critical to the success of the brand.

Personality and appearance. This is where it gets creative! But don’t sacrifice brand values ​​for creativity. Think about how the brand feels, the message it relates to customers, the color of the logo, and the personality and status of your business.

Audience. Who is the brand trying to reach? What is the demographic of customers? When walking down the grain aisle in the local market, it is easy to distinguish between brands that are marketed to a younger demographic and those positioned to an older audience.

Perks of Using Custom Plush Toys As Brand Ambassadors

Mascots, especially digital ones, are like trees. You sow their seeds and water them for some time to get the fruits of this for a whole generation. You can consider them as organic substitutes for all the brand ambassadors mentioned above.

You can use them on social media across multiple platforms, and even as a part of cross-over campaigns with brand ambassadors. No matter how many times you use them, they will not charge you any extra money for using them.

Probably, they emerge as an asset class in the long run and generate recurring value.

Brand Ambassadors Vs Brand Mascots

Brand ambassador and brand mascots are two sides of a coin. It is at the discretion of the manager to ensure a positive outcome from any one side of the coin. He can also try for a hung coin, take the risk, and hope that it will be manageable. Both have their pros and cons, which varies according to different brands and their target audience. 

A child’s product is likely to be associated and portrayed with the character that you’re using as a plushie and chances are you won’t fail until the product is actually up to the mark. But you would not dare to use the same for a razor and sit expecting a good profit margin. In the very end it boils down to the fact that the market is a casino where you are trying your luck every day, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. No magical formula to guarantee you success. 

Thus, you need to consult with an expert in the marketing of custom plush toys in different niches. Another way is to go by both options, take a risk, and get to know what works for you. 


Now you can promote your business using a  brand mascot on different platforms such as corporate events, social media platforms, websites, etc. This way a custom plush toy will become a brand ambassador and help in the business growth. But remember everything that we discussed is based on the design of the plushie. So, always choose the best, creative, and trust-worthy custom plush toy manufacturer to make your mascot. Custom Plush Toys is one of the leading mascot manufacturers in the USA and Canada.

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