7 Incredible Benefits of Using a Face Shield

Using Face Shield

This is the time of the ‘new normal’ stepping in. These difficult times have changed a lot of things for us, including our understanding of safety. Within the new normal, safety protocols have changed, and should perhaps be continuous and comprehensive, to protect us from the deadly coronavirus.

And the best solution to guard yourself, among others is using a real face shield. But to find the face shield in Dublin that will provide us with ample protection, we first need to understand how it works. 

Covers and Protects the Entire Face 

Plenty of protective gears out there, especially masks, protect only one area of the face and then leave the remainder exposed. One thing we’ve understood in this crisis is that we must protect ourselves the best way we can. Thus, wearing a gear that is provides full-face protection is most important. 

Face shields cover the entire face including eyes, thus protecting us from any type of contagious spread of viruses.

Prevents Individuals from Touching Their Faces

One safety aspect that is specific to the present crisis is to prevent individuals from touching their faces to cut back transmission. It really is difficult to not to ever try this consciously. In this situation, a face shield comes in handy. With a face shield in place, you cannot touch your face, thus cutting back on transmission. 

Assists in Communicating Clearly

Muffled interaction and mistaken identities are common with wearing masks. Sometimes, these hurdles may impact your safety. That is where the face shields make all the difference. It not only offers the protection we need but also enables clear interaction.

UV Protection

Some face shields are made from PET that blocks ultraviolet transmissions and protect you from the harmful impacts of UV rays. Thus apart from helping in curbing the spread, a face shield protects you in other ways as well.

One Size Fits All

Most face shields are manufactured in such manner that one size will fit all. Thus no hassles of finding the right size or size mismatch. Just buy a face shield and it would be ready to use. 

Reusable and Washable

A face shield is easy to wash maintain. All you’ve got to do is follow these steps:

Step 1

Spray a cleaner or a soap water solution on the Face Shield. Note that the solution should be water-based only. No other cleansing that is aggressive can be used for cleaning. Do not boil to sterilize.

Step Two

Wipe the soap solution gently off the face shield by a soft towel or tissue paper.

Step 3

Don’t use material that is abrasive/hard for wiping the soap solution off the face shield. Do not use scrubbers or brushes for cleansing.


It’s important to enjoy a mind-set that emphasizes a lot on safety as we get back to our offices, schools and colleges. A face shield is comfortable to use over hours, wherever you are and will help you get back again to action with convenience.

These are the great benefits of using a face shield. In these troubled times, a shield has become one of the must-use PPE products. So, if you are looking for high-quality face shields in Dublin, you can always connect with us for the best products. 

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