10 Reasons Why Exercise is Good for Your Health

benefits of regular exercise

Everybody certainly knows that physical activity is important for general body health. However, every dawn brings forth new scientific reports on the health benefits of exercise. Regardless of the nature of the exercise, be it brisk walking, jogging, swimming, or dancing, being active has both physical and mental health benefits. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should workout.

1. Reduces Body Fat

Excess body fat, measured by the body mass index, is not good for your health. If you are obese, you should engage in regular aerobic health exercises to reduce your body mass index to normal levels. Fortunately, engaging in physical exercises stimulates the body to “burn” excess body fat as the muscles usemore calories. This not only prevents you from several health conditions associated with excess fat but also keeps you fit.

2. Strengthens the Bones

This is probably among the obvious benefits of regular health exercises. Continuous loss of bone mineral strength is among the serious age-related changes that occur in the human body. However, regular exercise is key to maintaining healthy bones. To strengthen your bones, consider engaging in resistance training, such as lifting weights. For this, find the appropriate amount of resistant training depending on your physical strength and age.

3. Builds Muscle Mass

Resistance training is also important in building muscles. The tension created by muscles againstthe bones is what brings many benefits during weight lifting. Those who don’t engage in weight lifting regularly significantly lose their muscle strength. So to say, sarcopenia, which is a normal loss of muscle mass with advancing age, can be reversed with such health exercises and fitness. Keeping the muscles strong also keeps the body aerobically fit and maintains a lean body mass.

4. Improves Breathing

Health exercises can also improve your breathing patterns by strengthening respiratory muscles that open and close the lungs. It also improves the rate at which oxygen gas permeates the body cells.

5. Maintains Immune Function

The immune system is important in protecting the body from infection and chemical toxins. To avoid immune senescence, moderate exercise can reverse the deleterious effects of aging on the body’s immune system.

6. Builds Aerobic Power

Aerobic power is the body’s ability to function at optimum levels by getting oxygen to the body tissues. With advancing age, you lose the ability at the rate of 1 percent every year. While this is inevitable, regular health exercises can reduce this loss by half. To enjoy your workout, get equipped with the best workout shoes for men.

7. Regulates Blood Pressure

Hypertension is among the common diseases alleviated by regular health exercises. Exercising helps in reducing blood pressure by eliminating arterial plaques for smooth blood flow. The heart and muscles also become active with regular exercises.

8. Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is currently among the prevalent diseases. However, engaging in regular physical health exercises improves the body’s capacity to metabolize excess glucose, which starves this disease. 

9. Makes You Happier

Regular health care exercises are also known to improve mood and decrease anxiety, stress, and depression. Physical activities increase brain sensitivity to norepinephrine and serotonin hormones, which relieve these feelings. Besides, health exercises also increase endorphins production, which helps reinstate positive feelings and reduce pain perceptions.

10. Improves Skin Health

Another surprising benefit of health exercises at home is that it improves the health of your skin. Just like other body organs, the skin suffers from excessive oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress results when the antioxidant defense in the body cannot destroy the free radicals in the body.

The free radicals not only cause damage to the internal structures but also deteriorates the condition of your skin. That said, both moderate and intense health exercises can contribute to increased production of natural antioxidants and boost oxidative damage.

Make Exercising a Habit

Regular health exercise does more for the body than you can realize. However, to achieve all the benefits, and meet your goals, watch out for healthy exercise nutrition. You should also set an exercise routine to help you make exercising a habit. That said, share any other benefits of exercise you know in the comments.

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