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In this world of quick advancement, it takes no time for a company to grow and become more specific if everything is planned strategically, but there are times that their overheads increase and as a consequence, there is a reduction in their profit margins. Here, outsourcing serves as a lucrative option. Outsourcing is an agreement in which a company hires a party outside the company to perform certain jobs or projects rather than doing the work in-house. 

Outsourcing has become quite a popular practice in the construction sector. In the construction industry, CAD and BIM outsourcing has witnessed remarkable growth over the last few decades. Outstanding development in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction has paved the way to numerous fresh opportunities for the offshore industry. Other than simple drafting or 3D Modelling Services, digital building solutions have transformed into a lot of advanced services like BIM Modelling Services, Scan to BIM Services, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D facility management, and so on.

Scan to BIM modeling services is an efficient way for developing an as-built BIM model from the existing building so that the model can be used for further project expansion and refurbishment of the project such as residential, commercial, factory, airports, fire stations, tunnels, and so on. Point cloud BIM captures as-built data with accuracy thus helping in decision making on unwanted structures or any part of it. Point cloud 3d models help in generating 3D virtual assets and can be of great use for feasibility study and collision check with upcoming elements. It is also used to run the construction simulation. The scan to Revit 3D model helps companies to access the digital 3D model and modify them as per the requirements. The model can also help in managing the building facility.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing scan to BIM services discussed below :


One of the greatest benefits of working on the outsourcing model is maximizing the profit in minimum investments. Scanning or capturing of the existing building data requires scanning with the help of a laser, which is undoubtedly costly, and if a survey company decides to do so with laser scanning methods, they would require a lot of investments to start with. And if they use the scans to BIM Models, there will be an excess investment on high-end computers, storage space, internet speed, and the most important high-skilled and trained resources. This will certainly double the investment and in return reduce the profits. The maintenance of the resources, managing them, extracting productivity, and monitoring the project progress will increase the overall investment and recurring cost. Managing the on-site and in-house scan to BIM conversion will not be so effective. In such conditions, the client can focus on the core competency of surveying and measuring a project without worrying about the conversion part. Here, the survey company can outsource point cloud to BIM Modelling to BIM outsourcing companies and achieve high profitability with excellent results because the company would need to pay only for the stipulated cost without worrying about the additional costs and overhead expenses.


India is well known for producing the best architects and engineers. Many countries have Indians workers on board at some of the most desired positions. Indians have rich skilled resources available to work on Scan to BIM projects. There are numerous CAD and BIM companies in India, including Monarch Innovation, that provide Scan To BIM Services with high quality and turnaround time. Survey companies don’t have to worry about the next part of the project, all they have to work on is scanning and nothing else. These companies have better experience in executing projects for international clients. Architects and engineers with outsourcing experience can easily be found in India.


The project when outsourced to a reliable partner, all the worries regarding the completion of the project within a given timeframe and its expenses will fall upon the BIM company. They also take care of other aspects like resource handling, allocation of work, ensuring quality, and so on. This allows the AEC firms to concentrate on their main offered services, be it the remodeling of the old buildings, road construction, facility management, or interior designing.


India is the center of outsourcing services and has excellent experience in dealing with foreign clients. India’s economy is nourishing on the outsourcing model and has been successful in establishing itself as one of the strongest CAD and BIM outsourcing destinations too. Therefore, the companies here are totally reliable and give good results without causing any fear of getting cheated for money.


One of the greatest benefits is that Indian monetary value is lesser than any other currencies which makes India the most popular outsourcing destination. This provides major cost profit to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada. 

Survey companies across the globe can make the best use of this profit and outsource their point cloud to BIM Modeling Service in India.


India is extremely skilled in the English language, which is accepted as a global language. English is widely spoken across the country and is the primary language of education. The other countries use their native language massively, whereas India uses English for all business communication and other sectors. This accounts for people being extremely fluent in the language. Survey companies can English as a medium of communication to forward instructions and it is easily adapted and understood by architects, engineers, and BIM technicians. Even phone or email communication is easier owing to language proficiency.

Today, scan to BIM Services or Point cloud to BIM Modelling services are widely in use. By outsourcing to India, the AEC firms can take on the advantages and increase their profit margin as well as get access to a skilled team.

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