Top Essential Benefits of Car Window Tint for your Vehicles

Car Window Tint

Car tinting is a great and implemented solution for improving the privacy of the car that serves as a sound investment to enhance the cosmetics of your car. It increases the protection against sunlight and provides additional shielding against breaking into the glass.

Things to consider when Window and Wind Screen Tinting your Car

Getting your car window tint done by an inexperienced technician or using a poor quality film will not only waste your money but will blur the vision from your glass and cause damage to it when removed. Therefore, we always insist on using high-quality materials for tinting and getting the job done by a professional.

In Dubai where temperatures can go high as 50 degrees Celsius, low-quality tinting choices and improper application often lead to several undesired results for the car owner. In other instances, the material begins to interfere with the radio frequencies, car navigation, and defrosting and irrigation systems of the car.

Types of Car Tinting

1 – The most common car tints are made from a thermoplastic polymer resin compound, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This car window tinting helps in absorbing heat, provides thermal insulation, and effectively shields from UV rays by filtering the incoming strong rays.

2 – There are 3 main types of car tinting films used in Dubai. They come in metallic, ceramic, and regular carbon nanofiber varieties. The different types of car tinting vary in their compounds, quality, and price. Ceramic film for example is the top of the tinting option that is made of ceramic nanofibers for better UV absorption and cooling.

3 – In Dubai where summer temperatures can hit extreme limits, protecting your car from sunlight and the surrounding heat is important that avoids any damage to the car and your health. Excessive sun contact and exposure to heat can result in health problems like tanning and skin cancers.

Tips for Improving the Visibility and Longevity of Your Window Tinting

Here are some pointers to ensure the longevity of your glass tint –

  • Once the tint film is installed, the material takes 2-3 weeks to fully establish on the glass set.
  • Do not lower the windows right after the tinting has been installed. Give at least one week for the film to set before lowering the windows.
  • Wash the windows after one week of installation to ensure maximum service and the long life of the tint film.
  • Use a soft cloth or a synthetic type of sponge for cleaning the tinted glass. Scrubbers, steel wool, or rough cloth must not be used for cleaning.
  • Soap or ammonia-free liquid detergents can be used in a spray bottle to clean the tinted surface.
  • Always claim a warranty from the service workshop.
  • Do not attempt to remove the tint yourself as it may reduce the visibility of the glass

What is the standard window tint on cars?

It ranges between 15% and 20 %

Although the exact amount varies, most car manufacturers apply very little tint on car windows. Generally, the window tint percentage ranges between 15% and 20 % on most cars. This means that the windows let in just about 15-20 % of visible light and deflect 85-85%.

The best bet is to have a professional car window tint installer measure the tint amount, they will also be in a position to advise you on how dark to go to meet your specific needs. If you would DIY, a tint meter will come in handy for your guidance.

Get your Car Window Tinting Dubai at your doorstep

You can get the car window tint services at your doorstep that will save time and money. The window tinting variety of colours and styles that are engineered to combine elegance and functionality that enhance the car’s interior comfort, provide privacy and also reduce interior cabin temperatures.

3M is one of the most renowned and trusted car tinting brands worldwide due to its top-of-the-range products and proven quality. Its most preferred aspect is protecting car interiors and enhancing the comfort of people who occupy them. So, whether you are searching for cutting-edge heat-rejection technology in a clear window tinting or just want to minimize the damaging effects of extreme UV rays, 3M automotive window films are a suitable choice.

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