Things to Consider While Choosing a Dhow Dinner Cruise?

dhow dinner cruise

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person who likes to participate in exciting and thrilling ventures? If yes, you must ride the Dubai Dhow Cruise. It is one of the most famous and the most appealing tourist attractions in Dubai. The mere idea of having a floating dinner on the Dhow cruise is so exciting. The mesmerizing view of tall buildings, the skyline, and Dubai’s lights serve as a cherry on top.

You being here tells that you are planning to visit Dubai and ride the Dhow Cruise. But as it is your first time, you are looking for some guidance. If that is the case, then you have landed just on the right spot. Today, we will tell you about some of the most important things to consider when choosing a Dhow dinner cruise to make the best out of it. 

1. Location 

When it comes to Dhow cruise dinner Dubai, you have two locations: Creek and Marina. This is one of the most important things to decide before you book your tickets. Suppose you are looking forward to enjoying the lights and buildings of modern Dubai. In that case, the Marina Dhow Cruise will be the best suitable option here. But suppose you are looking forward to exploring what the traditional Dubai looks like and where it all started from, like watching the Al Seef Bur Dubai. In that case, the Creek Dhow cruise will be suitable for you.

2. Dining and Entertainment Options

What makes the Dubai water canal cruise even more remarkable is that there are several dining and entertainment options for you. Both Marina and Creek serve the most delicate and delicious cuisines you’ve ever had, and when it comes to the food, we assure you that you’ll end up licking your fingers. However, the entertainment options are different, so this is something you should consider before. The best part is that the waiters on the Dhow cruise are quite cooperative, and you can always discuss the entertainment you are looking forward to. They sure will help you make the most out of your journey.


If you want to enjoy the cruise dinner, it is highly recommended that you get on board in the evening or night.  Both the marina and creek Dhow cruise are worth riding when the sun is about to set as it will give you the most appealing and fascinating view of Dubai you’ve ever seen.


Luckily, you can book your tickets for the Dhow Dinner Cruise online. It is best to do some research, find some good agents who can get you cheaper tickets for your tour. You can call the Dhow operator directly and ask for any available offers or discounts.

Overall Verdict

These are the things you have to consider when choosing a Dhow Dinner Cruise. Considering these factors will help you make the most out of your journey, and we assure you that you’ll have a great time on the cruise if you have the right company with you.

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