Eyebrow transplant cost procedure and benefits

eyebrow transplant

Having a thin eyebrow went of style several years ago, but some of us are still stuck in the past, and this is not by choice. Whether you had a tweezing in the past or are naturally losing eyebrows, there are still chances to make an eyebrow much thicker to suit your taste. The best way to solve this is by performing an eyebrow transplant. 

eyebrow transplant

What is an eyebrow transplant? This is a procedure where you get hair grafts taken to your brow areas. The goal of this is that the new hairs will grow from the transferred grafts and follicles so that you can have a fuller look.


The natural procedure is the same as the traditional method of hair transplantation. You get the hair grafts and hair follicles removed from the back of your head and transferred to the eyebrows. This helps to grow some more new hairs in your eyebrow since the initially transferred ones will fall out at some point. There are two methods of eyebrows transplantation that is the FUT and the FUE procedures.

Follicle unit extraction (FUE)

 This hair restoration procedure entails transplanting individual hairs from the donor site using either the robot punch powered punch or the manual technique. The benefit of doing this is due to the lack of linear scars that eases scar recovery. It is done by extracting time longer, shorter and likely to effects the hair transplantation quality.

Follicle unit transplant (FUT)

This entails removing hair from the donor site and transplants it on your eyebrow to come up with a new and enhanced eyebrow shape. The difference between this procedure and FUE is that it is much faster, and the harvests hairs are much longer. This is likely to enhance plantation since the length of it lets you see the hair curls. It is important to note that the method results in a linear scar that makes the recovery time longer.

Eyebrow transplant process

 Before following any of these cosmetic surgeries, the patient needs to meet their provider for consultation. At this time, the patient can show photos of what they look forward to looking like, and their board-certified providers can outline eyebrows to confirm the shapes. The procedure results usually result varies depending on the amount transferred, services provider and their skill and the nature of the hair.

Recovery time

When we talk of the recovery period of an eyebrow, it is a relatively quick procedure. You will realize that there appears some scabbing around the brows during the first few days. It is essential to avoid picking the area at this point. You also need to stop involving yourself with vigorous activities and exercises about three weeks after the surgery. If you notice any issue, ensure to call the surgeon, especially if you are bleeding, swelling, or puss at the operation site. You will begin to see the transplanted hair fall off several weeks after the surgery. This is normal as your normal eyebrows should begin to grow better several months after the surgery. You only need to keep trimming the transplanted hairs for your brow length to get enhanced.


Eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure meaning it a non-medical one. That means your health insurance will not cover the cost of it. The pricing for the operation varies depending on the personal needs, service provider and location. On average perspective, this procedure may cost about $300 to about $6000. This is an estimation when you have all the factors put into place about the facility, service providers, location and the anesthesiologist if it is required. You can only have to use health insurance cover only if your eyebrow is necessary after an accident or any other underlying medical condition. However, these cases are minimal. That means you are responsible for the deductibles needed by your cover. Be sure to know the potential cost that surrounds the procedure. Many service providers opt to helps their patients offsetting their cosmetic procedures. 


There are different ways in which eyebrow transplant addresses hair loss, and in the end, there are various advantages as a result of the same.

  • Virtually undetectable- the procedure offer authentic results to have a commendable natural look.
  • They are three-dimensional
  • Permanent- Because you have live hair follicles transferred to your eyebrow area from another part of the body, you become resistant to baldness. A successfully transplanted follicle will produce hair for the rest of your life.
  • It would be an ideal procedure for men due to their stigma if they wore makeup to hide the eyebrow loss.


Transplantation of the eyebrows provides its patients with a permanent solution to filling and reshaping the brows. And like a traditional hair transplant for the head, this procedure involves transferring your hair follicles from the donor area to your brows. Many people who seek these services have thinner brows due to trauma, medical conditions or hereditary factors. To become an ideal candidate, patients should have a donor that matches their current hairs to grow faster than the natural ones.

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