eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is a surgical process to put eyebrows into position. This process is usually done in cosmetic surgery. The remedy for thin or sparse eyebrows was makeup products. These were used to fill in the eyebrows but are not permanent and natural. These methods are also expensive if you compare them to eyebrow transplants.

The eyebrow transplant process is usually done by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. During the eyebrow transplant procedure, your doctor will harvest the hair follicles from the back of your scalp. The hair follicles that were harvested will then be transplanted to your brow area. After the surgery, your eyebrows will grow fuller and thicker. Your hair will also grow naturally and healthy, and the process is permanent.

Eyebrow transplant procedure

The eyebrow transplant process is the same as that of a hair transplant. During the process, the doctor will take the hair above your ears for transplant. The doctor will then transfer the individual and follicles into the eyebrows.

eyebrow transplant

The process will ensure that the new brows grow into your brows after the initial hair grows. During the process, your doctor will use local anesthesia to make some incisions at the donor site. He will also make the incisions in the recipient area. The process takes about three hours.

Pros and Cons

Eyebrows are an indispensable part of your face. Well-groomed eyebrows help to enhance your best facial features, especially your eyes. This is the reason why most women go for this procedure. Eyebrow transplant is highly valued by men and women who want to shape their brows. Here are some of the advantages of an eyebrow transplant.

Advantages of Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows In the Desired Thickness

One of the essential benefits of eyebrow transplant is that it helps you have the eyebrows’ needed thickness. So the eyebrow transplant process will help you have the best. You will have thick and healthy eyebrows, and it will also restore your confidence.

Natural Look

Eyebrow transplant outcome is usually natural, and the density of hair is always good. After the treatment, you will not need makeup to cover up your brows again.

One of the disadvantages of eyebrow transplants is that they are somehow expensive. You will also take time to see the results. Another disadvantage of eyebrow transplant is that the newly transplanted follicles will not grow. If that occurs, you will have to undergo the treatment once more.

If you want to restore your eyebrows permanently, eyebrow transplant surgery would be the best. This process is better than micro balding because it gives you 3D eyebrows. However, your eyebrows will always grow thick because the doctor will use the hair at the back of your scalp.

The Recovery Process

During the hair procedure, you will not feel any pain because the doctor will use local anesthesia. You may feel sourness in the donor area, but it will go away after three days. Because the hair transplant is done well and so you will not feel pain even after the surgery. Because eyebrow transplant is a surgery, you will experience some minor side effects. You will also feel some scabbing around the brow area in the first five days after the surgery. It is essential not to pick these because they might cause bleeding or infection.

After the surgery, your doctor will advise you not to engage yourself in strenuous exercises. If you are in any workout routine, make sure to pause it for a few weeks. This will help you to recover quickly. If you start bleeding or swelling after the surgery, make sure to call your doctor. Your brows will also start to fall out a few weeks after the procedure. This is normal and so, make sure not to worry. Your new eyebrows will start to grow after a few months. In the meantime, make sure to trim the transplanted hairs to brow length.

Precautions And Side Effects

After the eyebrow transplant surgery, there is a possibility that your hair might not grow. If that happens, you will have to undergo the procedure again in the future. Some potential risks are associated with eyebrow transplant, and they include;

· Some bleeding. If this complication becomes severe, make sure to call your doctor.

· Your nerves might get damaged during the process.

· You might experience some swelling as well.

· You may also experience some bruising during the surgery.

· There is a possibility of getting some infections during and after the surgery.

· If your doctor uses the FUT hair transplant method for your eyebrows, you may experience some scarring.

Before you undergo the eyebrow transplant surgery, make sure to let your doctor know if you are on any medications. Doing this will help you to avoid severe risks and complications.


Eyebrow restoration is a nonmedical treatment that is known to be cosmetic. It is also the best treatment because it will always give you natural and permanent results. There are also minimal risks that are associated with eyebrow transplant. For better results, make sure to always research the best doctors and clinics.

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