Being a Good Neighbour: 7 Signs you’re One of Them

good neighbour

“It’s time to win & persuade your next-door best friends with a little neighbourly expertise.”

To have good neighbours is to be one. And though others would tell better about you being a neighbour, there’re a few ways to groom yourself and be a really good one. Read on to know more.

Good Neighbours;

1. Bring Homemade Cookies

Whether new to town or so far living in isolation, a jar of freshly baked homemade cookies is a wonderful way to break the ice and make the neighbours feel important; like doing a good deed. But then ice needs breaking from both ends and here, the other neighbour have to show generosity thereby fostering a healthy, neighbourly feeling.

2. Seldom Gossip

Some people just couldn’t keep things to themselves, especially if they’re bad or need to be hidden. While this isn’t exactly what good neighbours do but, there’re some who seem to know the dirt on everyone within less than a radius, count yourself among as well.

So the next time your neighbour or anyone excitedly describes contents of someone else’s trash or perhaps try discussing about their family life, either excuse and move on or move the conversation to another topic.

Remember, you’re no more in high school or some devious lady from that soap drama! Simply avoid idle chitchat and gossip no matter how appealing it sounds.

3. Share Phone Numbers

We live in a connected world! Even family members sitting side-by-side are commonly found glued to their digital devices rather than talking face-to-face. So when we’re so much connected, it’s unthinkable not to have your neighbour’s phone number.

For emergencies, something wonderful or simply for casual chat from the comfort of your room, a simple phone number can come in really handy and all responsible neighbours mostly have theirs shared.

Just in case you’re hesitant to ask first, do so during one of that cookie delivery thing. Write down the name, number and email address on a piece of paper, share and get connected in more than one ways.

4. Help Before Being Asked

There’re neighbours who always say ‘let me know if you need something’ and when the time comes, they’re probably unavailable. A true neighbour, who’s willing to make friends and foster a friendly community lifestyle in palm Jumeirah villas for rent, wouldn’t actually ask but go beyond the meaningless talk, anticipating the needs. If they’re children and you’re all good with babysitting for them, just be there without asking.

5. Prefer Tidiness

For those who don’t care much about self-respect, have some sense for others and clean up the place because when living in a community, apartment or any other residential/commercial setting, there’re neighbours who probably get bugged a lot with your act but don’t say just being considerate. Decluttering is also part of cleaning so you should keep those lawn ornaments to a bare minimum, hide the trash receptacles in the side yard or garage. When done with landscape or garden work, put away all the tools and unused mulch bags like a responsible person.

6. Mow the Lawn

It’s obvious a dishevelled and weedy lawn is embarrassing for both the neighbours and the ones responsible. Keeping it mowed almost every week is a good way to start however it takes more to win approval of the locales. Keep the lawn edges trimmed, schedule fertilising and reduce the number of weeds. Have the plants foundation clean and simple, trimmed and topped off with mulch.

7. Are Open to Communication

Good neighbours always respect the boundaries; be it personal or home. If someone in the neighbour puts up a fence, don’t ever bounce or cross unless it falls off on its own. But then good neighbours always communicate and prefer to keep the boundaries as limited as can be. They share interests, discuss and resolve problems, meet almost every day and socialise.


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