Animation Production For Beginners – Top 2D Animation Software For 2019

animation production

No matter what your preferences are, a 2D animation fits almost anywhere. It could be for a branding campaign or a short animated movie, animated content is bound to work for any domain or industry you belong to. However, the creation of 2D animations is only made possible through animation tools and software programs. You just have to select a tool of your choice, become good at it and the task of creating animation from scratch would become simpler for you.

That is exactly what video animation company does for their animation production process. If you are eager to learn animation in the easiest way possible, here are some tools that you can try out.


Both a rigging and animation tool, Duik has been made solely for Adobe After Effects. It has all the right tools one needs for rigging, incorporating pre-defined scripts and design elements for quicker animation creation. Duik has become more than a simple script instead now it is a full-fledged toolset for After Effects. The best part is that this tool is free to use for 2D animation and character animations.


A free design and 2D animation software, Kritacan also be used for making sketches from scratch. Those who are looking for an open source alternative to software programs such as Adobe Illustrator can choose Krita for illustration design and comic book artwork. The tool contains texture and matte brushes and painters that provide ease in sketching or creating unique conceptual artwork.


Rubberhose is not a free software instead it is priced at $45 but the tools it has to offer to make it worthwhile its price tag. If you are looking to bring more flexibility and fluidity in your animation, then rigging tools such as RubberHose can be the utmost selection for it. You can pin the main parts of your character animation and then fit it to the character, background or gesture you are animating.

Joysticks n’ Sliders

Another addition to rigging tools for Adobe After Effects, Joysticks n’ Sliders is a befitting preference for character animation. It is a paid software but since it comprises of an extensive list and category of rigging tools and animations, the price tag of $39.95 seems justified. Animations that tend to repeat a particular action such as walking or running are easily found in this tool so not much of your time is consumed.

Moho Pro

Moho Pro might be the most expensive out of them all since it costs $399 for the entire software program or if you want to test out its features first then you can opt for the free 30-day trial. Used widely for creating 2D animations, since it contains some complex toolsets, it is a befitting choice for experienced professionals. The animation quality is never compromised in Moho Pro as it provides you with complete detail while animating intricate frames and characters.


Having compatibility with Adobe After Effects, Overlord is a paid software costing $45 but it is a powerful tool for creating an integration between not Illustrator and After Effects. It is not a rigging tool but it allows you to push, transfer and pull shapes out of the two Adobe tools mentioned earlier. It can be even used for importing animation files, drawing, and conversion of shapes.

Motion v2

An Adobe After Effects Plugin, Motion v2 currently has 20+ tools for creating animations that repeat and animate themselves. So, you can call Motion v2 ab automation tool for 2D animations and we have not mentioned any such tool earlier in the lists so this is certainly a unique and useful find with all the features it has to offer to you.

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