Beginner’s Guide To Apply For Travel Study Scholarship

Study Scholarship

We all have goals in our lives, don’t we? Goal of having everything we want. During our childhood, our parents choose for us, be it the school in which we’ll study or the clothes which we’ll wear. From head to toe we are what our parents want but as we grow up, we have other plans for ourselves, our lives. We decide what to become, what to study and most important where!

Getting good education is the first step of success and everyone dream of studying at a good institute that offers amazing future opportunities. Many of you would be wanting to study Scholarship abroad, far away from home, becoming independent and enjoying different cultures and socializing. Good institutes offer steam education, study scholarships, extracurriculars and many more exciting things.

Due to high costs, many of you would be hesitant to even think about studying abroad. But hey! There is a word known as ‘scholarship.’ Why not go for it? Don’t know the process? Worried? Need guidance? Relax! We are at your service.

Travel study includes experiential and classroom learning. There are various travel scholarships and grants out there.

  1. Are you a smarty? Then of course, there are academic scholarships for you to travel abroad. You better have a good report card.
  2. Part of any sports team? Love sports? Can’t focus on other things because you are pretty busy with the playing? Yes, you got us right! Sports will lead you to a scholarship and you can enjoy playing in other countries.
  3. Search out destination-based travel scholarships. For international students, different countries offer different scholarships!
  4. Do you receive any financial aid? Then there are several need-based scholarships out there, go for them.
  5. Interested in a specific subject? There are several subject-specific scholarships which are based on particular field on study.

Finding the scholarship? Well, it’s not so hard! You can contact your college, financial aid office, high school, any relative or parent’s employers, organizations which are related to our field of interest, foundations, local businesses or scholarship directories. See! Lots of options.

After knowing where to find and which scholarship suits you, the next step is to apply for travel grants or study scholarships without wasting the time.

So, what’s the procedure for applying? Here are several steps you need to follow:

Organize all your data – put it in google drive or print it, whatever your way of organizing it, just put everything in a single place.

Due dates? Yeah, they do matter! Create reminders of your due dates, so that you don’t have to do everything at the last minute.

Letters of recommendation are one plus point. Make sure you ask your teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you, but make sure if it falls through, you better have a backup.

Are you a good writer? Because if not, then you need to be one! Writing application and killing it is not a piece of cake. Application needs time, you never know what the other person is looking in it. Try to cover every point in it.

  • You need to understand your goals – ask yourself why are you doing this, what are you expecting? Why this experience is important?
  • Make an outline – well everyone knows that an essay is composed of an intro, body and conclusion, but you should know where you are heading to, at least it will save you from submitting a two page nothing.
  • Want to look smart? Search for typos, search and edit and edit and search and see where it leads to. You won’t be getting many chances.
  • After making a draft, send it for proof reading to someone you trust so that you would get honest reviews.
  • Again, review the submission requests of the scholarship to know if you have headed in the right direction.

Submit all your material and wait. Waiting is long and causes stress and anxiety but what other option you have got? So, just pray and be optimistic. Keep a contact with your study scholarship office and ask them about when you can expect to hear a verdict.


Well, the fun begins after you get the acceptance letter. Carefully follow all the steps, don’t miss out even on the slightest details. Keep going forward, fulfil your dreams and make your family proud. We wish you Best of luck!

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