How to Give an In-Depth Clean to Your Bedroom


Although you may think that out of your whole home, your bedroom is the room that you use least, you would be mistaken. It is more than likely the room you spend most of your time in, albeit asleep. However, in the scheme of things, it is likely the room that gets the least amount of attention when it comes to cleaning. 

This could be because nobody except you and your partner (and any children you have) will see it, or it could be that it is always left to last on the cleaning chore list, and by the time you get there, you are ready to call time on your cleaning chores and get on with something else.

However, regular cleaning of this area can improve the quality of your sleep and, therefore, your health and mood. You should, therefore, schedule a serious deep clean of your bedroom, in addition to the weekly surface clean, at least every six months and preferably every quarter.

#1 Your Bed 

Take time to address your bed. Your mattress is home to bacteria and bed mites. Giving it a good clean with a vacuum cleaner and dealing with any stains is certainly a good start. You should make sure that you use a deodorizing spray on its surface to neutralize any bad odors that are lurking around and give it time to air before dressing it in fresh linen. Before remaking your bed, dust and clean the bed frame and vacuum beneath your bed, even if you have to pull it out from its usual resting place. You will be amazed at the amount of dust and debris that builds up.


Of course, your bed is not complete without your duvet and pillows. Taking care of your duvet is important to its longevity, as well as your health, and you should make sure that you get it regularly washed. This also goes for your pillows which may, depending on the type and manufacturer’s instructions, be washed at home. Of course, they only have a life span of so long, so you need to know when to replace your pillows to get their maximum benefit.

#2 The Carpets and Window Dressings

Sometimes, vacuuming isn’t enough, and you will find that your bedroom carpet will benefit from having a professional clean. This will certainly prolong the life of your carpet and make it look new without any unwanted residents living amongst its fibers. 

This also goes for your curtains or other window dressings. It can be a rigmarole to take them down, wash them, dry them, and then rehang them, but it should most certainly be done. Dust and dirt are not fussy about where they settle, and any fabric or surface will do. There is little point in putting effort into the other areas of the room without also addressing this part just because of the effort involved.

Final Thoughts

You will find that with less dust and dirt, as well as unwanted residents living in your bedroom that you will be able to sleep far better and have fewer allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, and generally feeling like you have the start of a head cold than you did before.