The Ultimate 6-Step Guide to Become a Successful Essay Writer

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Like the lady in this picture, do you feel like having a workplace beside a window? The thought of typing on your computer, occasionally gazing out at sunset, is something every writer romanticises. The joy writers get after mingling the words into vivid stories is unparalleled. However, let me zap you out of your dream.

In real life, writing doesn’t get so laid back, and usually, you need to overcome several challenges like complex subjects and deadlines. For example, essay writing is part and parcel of your life, at least till you are not graduating. Even if you excel at penning down your thoughts on paper, writing essays is a different ball game. The thought of writing a long dissertation essay induces fear even in the best of students. However, fear not! In this blog, I will be giving you a few tips that you may find extremely handy to create your own masterpiece.

1. Don’t Keep Pushing It Away

Starting anything new always seems like a big challenge. Especially if the obstacle is something like writing an essay, it can be extremely daunting. So, when students face situations like this, they act like an ostrich. They think if they can “put their head in the sand” and push the homework away, it will eventually go away.

However, let me burst your bubble; it doesn’t work like that. So, instead of pushing it away and procrastinating, start working on the essay as soon as possible. Starting work early has several benefits. It will allow you to get more time to research. You will also get more time to receive feedback and modify the paper, all without going through last-minute stress.

2. Enjoy What You Are Writing About

Essay writing can be on various topics. The professors may ask you to choose your own topics, or they can also assign you certain topics. If you are already assigned something to write, you have no other way but to do it. However, choosing your own topic comes with its pros and cons. One may feel that choosing a topic yourself is always better since you get the option to explore your creative side.

However, this also leaves you with unlimited choices. You will have a hard time deciding which topic will be ideal for fetching you good marks while being interesting. In such situations, always stick to writing about something you are passionate about. Essay writing is a long process, and writing about something you are passionate about helps you to stay motivated.

3. Research Before Writing

Irrespective of the type of research, you need to research well before writing anything. Especially if you are writing a critical essay, you have to dedicate long hours to researching. This may seem daunting at first, but there are techniques to make it seem easy. Start by finding the key texts and theories related to the subject.

Once you are familiar with the keywords, and broad concepts, you can easily comprehend what the experts think about the subject. You can then start working on those ideas and form your own opinions. Once you get enough confidence, you may even start refuting expert opinions with proper justifications. However, the basis of all these depends on how well-researched you are. If you have all the statistics, analysis, interviews, and market research results handy, everything will fall into place.

4. Keep the Writing Organised

The essay structure is a crucial part of essay writing. If you are not crystal clear about the structure you want to follow, you will have trouble proceeding with it. So, memorise the standard essay structure – introduction, body, and conclusion unless your professors ask you to do something else. Almost all essays, regardless of the length, follow these steps.

However, the research findings can differ, and you may need to take different approaches to do them. For example, qualitative research findings won’t be the same as quantitative research findings.

Also, be extra careful to check that you are not writing any plagiarised content. Double-check your sources to ensure they are referenced correctly. It is better if you can keep a separate list of all the sources you are citing. Take out your sticky notes and bookmark all the sources you are using. Plagiarism is a serious concern for any good writer. A small slip-up can tarnish the entire efforts and reputation of the writer. So, be extremely organised throughout the writing process so that you don’t miss a thing.

5. Don’t be Shy While Asking for Help

Writing comes easily to some but not so much to others. If you are not naturally talented to write essays, don’t panic. It is ok to seek assistance if you get stuck anywhere. Usually, any reputed university has a library within the campus. Visit the library after the classes and try to get any help you can. Do not wait for the last moments to hit the library.

You can also try to make appointments with your professors after class. Many students have this fear of reaching out to their teachers. However, they are there to help you and appreciate it when students reach them for help. Talk through your ideas with them, and you can get better clarity on your doubts. Essay writing doesn’t get perfect in a single attempt. Every successful student you see goes through a process of rewriting and editing the paper till it’s perfect. So, don’t shy away from showing your essay to your professors and even peers. Even if you are talented to write essays on your own, getting feedback from audiences is always a welcome move.

6. Find a style that suits you

Even the most motivated writers can lose track of time or feel demotivated. However, working in a style that is most suited for you helps to complete the essay within time. You can be an early bird or a night owl. You may prefer to work for long shifts or take frequent breaks. So, play with different working styles to understand what is best for you.

Wrapping up:

Being a successful essay writer is all about being persistent, disciplined, and knowing the right techniques. No one becomes a champion essay writer overnight. So, follow these tips, and none can stop you from becoming as good as a professional essay writer.