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Student Assignment Solution is a professional academic writing agency that provides essay writing services to students struggling with their assignments. We have helped a large number of students coming from premium universities from all around the world who are in need of some assistance with their academic coursework.

What we do.

We provide assistance and support to students with their academic writing or any research projects. Most of the time international students are unable cope up with the language requirements or fail to understand what is needed to pass the course. Essay and assignments have become a regular part of the curriculum and are used to judge the progress of the student throughout the course. Due to the competition, students are unable to seek advice or help while assistance is not readily available. The most common mistakes made by students is not structuring the assignment according to the instructions provided, not contributing anything new or unique, not using proper credible academic sources and not editing and proofreading their assignments before submission. We offer a large number of services to students coming from all streams and we guarantee on-time delivery of the assignment guides. As part of our assignment help Canada service, we provide the complete guide to outline and content of the academic essay within a short period of time.

Homework Help Canada Service

We are one of the best online essay writing services offered in Canada. We also provide homework help Canada service to students on a regular basis and promise to support them throughout the course. We help professional students with their case studies and research projects. We can also prepare a PPT guide for you with speaker notes that would make it easier for you to understand how academic presentations are structured. We will follow the instructions provided by the students in the guide and also refer to peer reviewed credible academic sources, unless otherwise mentioned. We work with over 400 academic writers who are well versed in the topics of research and can provide in-depth analysis of any topic or a range of topics within a short period of time. We only charge an extremely nominal amount for the services as compared to the current industry standards.

Plagiarism free online work

We do not condone any kind of plagiarism and always provide Grammarly and Turnitin reports with the main guide. For more information, check out the website and fill in the box on the main page and click “Order Now.” You can hire us just by sitting at home or start a chat conversation through our online portal. We urge students to review all the guides and write it in their own words. This will make sure that you understand how academic assignments are written and what kind of sources are utilized to make it coherent and informative. We also offer dissertation assistance to students which also includes assistance with research proposals. Our writers will also guide you with your SWOT, PESTLE, Porters Five Forces analysis. We will attend to all your questions anytime as our customer service executives are available 24/7. 


We value your opinion and will make sure that any of your personal data is not shared with other third parties. Get the help you need with your academic assignments today and excel in your studies. 

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