How BBA in entrepreneurship at iLEAD is different from other institutes?


Management has always been a stream for those students who have aspirations to make it big in the world of business. Studying bachelors in business administration at the undergraduate or post graduate level have empowered individuals with managerial skills that eventually made them reach the top positions in the corporate sector. All this just to create a great, credible and responsible employee out of you. 

But did you ever think of a course that focuses on creating employers rather than employees?

iLEAD’s BBA in entrepreneurship

BBA in Entrepreneurship is exactly that kind of course. The curriculum of the course is prepared to groom a businessman out of you. 

India currently has more than 600 million young individuals seeking jobs. It is almost impossible to provide employment to such a huge number of young population. The only way out is to guide our youth with a competent entrepreneurship training program and make them the job providers of tomorrow. 

India currently is the 3rd largest start up hub in the world. With 50% growth in the advanced tech start-ups, India’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are also coming up as potential start-up hubs resulting in a huge number of youth opting to take the route of entrepreneurship. 

iLEAD’s BBA in entrepreneurship course is the degree that would show the road map towards success to such budding entrepreneurs. 

The uniquely designed course nurtures the talented businessman within an individual and prepares him for the future ahead. Result? You learn the basics and know the field before entering into it. From knowing the ground business framework to creating strategies – iLEAD’s BBA in Entrepreneurship is one degree that empowers you to understand the viability of a business project. 

The course is practice based and it contains some unique features. 

  • iLEAD’s entrepreneurship training program consists of case studies and inspirational stories of self-made business tycoons. 
  • It teaches you on how to have a mindset of a businessman. 
  • The business entrepreneurship degree explores small businesses. It encourages ideas from students about businesses that can be started with minimum or no capital. 
  • The course would also enable students to learn about franchise business and how to replicate successful business models from various parts of the globe. 
  • How to validate a business idea? Importance of SWOT analysis, risk perception and its mitigation are also a vital part of the course. 
  • The course also gives an overview of types of organization and types of registration required for different kinds of businesses. 
  • Conversion of business ideas, project reports, implementation, financial planning, Government incentives and all the necessary regulatory framework can also be learnt. 
  • A BBA in Entrepreneurship course also arms you with new knowledge about E-Commerce, cyber security, establishment of online and offline channels for Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Secured Payment Gateways and logistic planning. 
  • The course also smartly includes guerilla marketing and promotional strategies, PR and events to build brand loyalties. 
  • Automation through use of technology, finance management, strategies to get high credit rating and reduction in cost of borrowing are also some vital business elements that are taught to the students. 

The program is surely an ideal one for anyone who wants to take up entrepreneurship as his/her career goal. And if you want to learn the science and art of business before taking that final leap, iLEAD is your destination.

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