Precautions to take before backcountry skiing

backcountry skiing

The clear white expanse of the vast snow in the wild does prove alluring to the skiers:

Ubiquitous white snow covering wild terrain has always grabbed eyeballs of skiers and snowboarders. Backcountry ski trips have become a very popular adventure sport by many ski lovers. It is rapidly gaining popularity among snowboarders as well. 

Before we proceed, we must know what backcountry skiing is:

Backcountry is a wild terrain which is not under the authority of resort experts. Though backcountry skiing trips are the way too risky the growing popularity of the same among skiers has made it a mandate for snowboard manufacturers to meet the demands of their customers or inquisitive skiers. Hence, create snowboard gears that are the best suitable for skiers. 

Before one moves over for backcountry skiing trips, one needs to keep it in mind that it may prove a bit risky. So before you set your backcountry ski backpacks, you must the precautions which you must take as to backcountry skiing safety is extremely necessary. If not followed, you might end up getting bruised or hurt any part of your body.

Here are important backcountry skiing safety rules that everyone must follow:

  • Before setting your backcountry ski backpacks, browse through the net and understand what are the essentials which you will require. 
  • Cling on to skiing experts’ guidance. Contact travel guides and those tourists who have been to backcountry skiing trips and know all about them from them. 
  • Another very important tip is that you must have equipment such as alpine touring style boots, backcountry skies, climbing skins, split boards, avalanche probe and beacon and shovel. 
  • Undertake classes for avalanche safety. It is one of the most important backcountry skiing safety tips on the list. 
  • Adding up to the safety checklist, it will be beneficial if you take up courses for battling with biting cold in the wild terrains. 
  • Do make sure that you carry first aid box with you in your backcountry ski backpacks
  • Just carrying equipment such as probe is NOT ENOUGH! You need to practice with your tools in order to be a perfectionist. Practice hard as taking risk is not a smart move. Avalanche is as dangerous as it sounds eerie. 
  • Keep a check on backcountry weather and do keep in touch with your advisor. Your guides will certainly tell you, rather guide you to where to go and where not to. It is very important to maintain a record of the weather conditions of the backcountry. 
  • ‘Practice makes a man perfect!’ Do not just read or go through these lines but also implement it into real life. Practice, practice and practice. The more you practice skiing before taking to the backcountry, the more you will have an idea of dealing with the environment out there in the wilderness. 
  • Do understand that few people tend to behave differently out there in those crystal white powered or brown caps in the wilderness. You need to keep your cool and behave positively. Do not react. You must support each other. Thus, it is advisable to work as unitedly as possible. 

Remember, you must take help from a professional. Not following the guidance of a professional or taking the required precautions can only put your life in danger. As much as we find adventure activities fun, we always advise that safety should be your top priority in the course of any such adventurous activity.

Now that you have done your research work on backcountry skiing and avalanches, have practised hard, take guidance from your advisor and have packed your backcountry ski backpacks, you are good to go! Now, go out there and fulfil your dream and have fun. 

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