Axe Throwing Gear Guide: Must-Have Equipment for Players

Axe throwing gear

Axe Throwing can make for an exciting date night or group outing and will provide lots of entertainment. But learning this skill may prove tricky. Luckily, there are numerous tips to assist beginners get started. Be it getting the right axe throwing equipment or practicing your stance correctly, axe throwing becomes much more fun when you do it the right way.

For axe throwing, adopting the correct stance is crucial. A proper stance involves positioning your feet shoulder-width apart, with the dominant foot slightly forward. Axes should be held in one hand using a firm and secure grip that holds on tightly between your thumb and middle finger when held against the palm of your hand with the blade facing the target upon arm backswing – when released back out, your wrist must lock tight around the handle so axe stays straight upon release so axe remains straight!

As important as having the appropriate stance is having the proper footing. This is because the distance of your body from your target will determine its rotation; standing too close could result in you bouncing off the board or not having enough power to hit the target; standing too far may prevent hitting it altogether. As far as rotating an axe goes, you can control its left and right accuracy by changing your distance from the target. Following this axe throwing guide will allow you to bring the axe closer to the target more consistently while increasing accuracy and speeding up your throw.

Consistent practice is the key to improvement. Missing the target can be disheartening, but reframing each miss as an opportunity for improvement can help manage disappointment. Adjusting your throwing technique slightly during practice sessions can lead to increased accuracy and elevate your overall game. Visit the nearby axe throwing bar to learn more about this game and how to throw axe correctly!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Before visiting an axe throwing bar to channel your inner Viking, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, ensure you have the appropriate axe throwing equipment – including closing-toe shoes, safety glasses, and possibly even face masks, depending on where it will occur. Clothing selection is also key to avoiding injuries during throwing sessions. Clothes restricting your movement could compromise your throwing experience, so wear something comfortable but supportive that helps grip and manipulate the axe.

The final steps include adhering to instructions and guidelines from professionals for Axe throwing in Denver. These regulations are intended to keep you and other players safe, so take them seriously or risk being removed from the facility.


As with any sport, having the proper equipment can make or break an experience – that’s why axe-throwing players require the ideal axe! Fortunately, there is a wide range of options available for enthusiasts to choose from. Unlike standard work axes, those specifically designed for throwing come with unique head designs. Depending on the type, these throwing axes may have either blunt or sharp ends on their heads, ensuring optimal results when thrown. Furthermore, this axe typically has specific aiming points to achieve superior results.

One of the key elements to making an excellent throw is proper rotation. If a thrower under or over-rotates their axe, they won’t be able to hit their target. A good instructor can teach adequate grip and positioning strategies that will assist them in improving their rotation. If you are in Colorado and looking for some fun-filled axe experience, visit a nearby sports bar to experience Axe throwing in Denver!


Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Viking or simply enjoy an exhilarating group activity, axe throwing offers the perfect blend of adrenaline and friendly competition, fostering lasting bonds among participants. Historically, throwing axes served as essential weapons in medieval warfare, providing warriors with lethal tools for both long-range and close-quarters battles. Viking warriors were famous for mastering this weapon to devastating effect in combat. It’s important that you follow all the axe throwing rules and wear all the necessary axe throwing equipment correctly. Double-check them, from gloves to goggles, to ensure a safe experience.

Although axe throwing can be enjoyable, safety must always come first. Proper handling and gear are necessary to ensure a fun yet safe experience; while initially intimidating, anyone can learn the art of successful axe throwing with practice. Here are some helpful tips that may assist with this endeavor:


An ideal axe throwing bar provides protective goggles for their players to wear when hitting wooden targets with an axe, in case any wood chips or splinters fly off and potentially cause harm to their eyes or face from hitting. Goggles help ensure everyone enjoys an enjoyable and safe experience at these ranges. When playing axe throwing, players must adhere to the rules and safety protocols set forth by professional instructors or facilities to minimize the risk of injuries or accidents and allow for an enjoyable experience. This helps avoid injuries or accidents and ensures an enjoyable playing experience.

As with any activity, wearing appropriate attire and taking care of Axe Throwing equipment is crucial. Avoid loose or baggy clothing as this could get caught on the axe during its throw, and close-toe shoes are highly recommended to protect against slips and falls.  Axe throwing provides an engaging social activity for friends and families, demanding skill, practice, and patience.


Like professional golfers and baseball players who rely on their equipment for success, axe throwers have their criteria for selecting an axe handle and correctly wearing the axe throwing equipment. There’s no perfect handle; certain components must be present for an enjoyable axe-throwing experience. Visit a nearby sports bar to experience axe throwing in Denver, follow an axe throwing guide or coach, and get the best from this adrenaline-rushed indoor sports game. Happy and Safe  Axe Throwing!

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