10 Free Workflow Automation Software for your Business

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Every project or task in a business calls for meticulous planning. But, what if you miss out on a detail or two during the process? Re-doing the whole thing can be cumbersome and draining.

So, what can you do to eliminate the complications associated with business processes? Automation!

Yes, it’s that simple! Integration of workflow automation software can take a major burden off your shoulders. Right from task monitoring to analyzing the bottlenecks in your business, workflow automation software is to the rescue.

If you are just starting out, you are likely to question which is the best one? Which one is the most suitable? To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones.

10 Free Workflow Automation Software To Choose From

1. PeppyBiz

It is a dynamic platform offering multiple solutions. With its automation, you can easily map out a streamlined workflow process. Effective drip campaigns allow all your prospects to pass through the conversion funnel. The key features offered include:

  • Flexible journey for prospects
  • Lead engagement through alternate paths based on their interaction
  • Drip campaign creation with templates
  • Creation of multiple workflows
  • Sending quick sales notifications
  • Provision of advanced analytics for drip campaigns
  • Scrutinizing the business workflows

2. Zapier

When talking of workflow automation software, Zapier is among the top ones. It seamlessly allows you to connect the web apps. This further makes communications across platforms easier and quicker. The various features include:

  • Automation of cross-platform workflows
  • Provision of pre-built workflows making the process easier
  • Automation of repetitive tasks without the need for a code
  • Wind up with routine tasks automatically
  • Branching logic and conditions allow making customised workflows

They offer a trial period of 14 days. Following this, you can purchase their plans starting from $20/month.

3. ProcessMaker:

This tool is a low coding and open-source workflow automation platform. The major reason for its popularity is the ease of use and affordability. They offer visual flowcharts. These help in the creation of workflows based on approval and notifications.

They further the API access to the developers allowing them to customize complex processes in the case of large organizations.

4. Monday.com:

If you area mong who is responsible for the management of a remote team, this software is all you need. It allows you to effectively manage every step involved in the workflow process.

Further, this workflow automation software also allows team collaboration from anywhere. You can easily align the work process and meet deadlines. They also offer ample workflow templates to choose from. If none of them fits, they help you build the complete system from scratch. Some features that can work wonders are:

  • Work capacity and workload maps
  • Zoom integration on platforms
  • Contingency platforms allowing project data creation
  • Local time zone tracking for team members

The basic plan prices start from just $8/month.

5. Wrike:

If your team is involved in creative management processes, Wrike is just the perfect software to land on. It helps in boosting productivity by eliminating iterative tasks.

They allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of the task, right from customizable forms, templates to markup tools.

The approval tool so provided allows the clients to easily leave their feedback on the deliverables offered. Additionally, you can easily see the work and activity status of your team members. The key features include:

They offer a free space of up to 2 GB allowing collaboration of 5 members.

6. HubSpot:

This is yet another all-in-one platform. With this, you can easily link everything together, reducing the friction between tasks. They also allow lead handling, right from marketing to sales.

If you are working in the marketing, services or operations department, you can easily start off with a plan of $50/month.

7. Kissflow:

With a user-friendly interface, it allows you to create business workflows across multiple departments. They offer over 50 pre-installed management apps, helping in streamlining processes.

It is a highly recommended workflow automation software especially for startups.

8. Flokzu:

The best part of this software is the icon-based flowcharts that they offer. It works well even for those who are coding amateurs. With more than 700 applications, they help in creating task-oriented interfaces.

Additionally, these workflows adapt well with the individualised processes. If you are just beginning off, it will surely cater to your requirements. They also offer informational security through their cloud platform.

9. Pipefy:

Looking for business workflow management software? Pipefy is the prime tool. The key features that they offer include:

  • Collection of necessary information through standardized forms and portals
  • Efficient deliveries with standard workflows without coding requirements
  • Driving better decisions with enhanced workflow efficiency
  • Updation of external stakeholders
  • Integration of existing applications. For instance, spreadsheets allowing the error-proof flow of information

10. Nintex:

With a drag-and-drop approach, this one is a low-coding platform. You can easily visualize the workflow process when you are building it. You can easily generate documents in the software itself.

Additionally, they also allow you to send automated messages with triggering actions. From mapping to analytics, it helps with the complete lifecycle.


So, if you have just started out or run a full-fledged business, the above list of workflow automation software is all you need! Go ahead and get started.

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