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When a company starts on the Internet, it wants to appear on the first page of Google. But before the million-dollar question arises, how long will it take for my website to appear in this position?

The answer to this question is totally relative. It depends on many factors related to the positioning of your website.

Despite this, what we do know for sure is that, if you are not visible, you do not exist for the online community.

Given this problem, the need is created to obtain a good positioning for search engines, to ensure that our website is visible and reaches a high position in the search results.

Make our website get a perfect positioning as soon as it is published and with it appear on the first page of Google, it is not done by magic.

It involves a lot of constant work, SEO knowledge, keywords, and a very well-defined content strategy.

Techniques to appear on the first page of Google.

Some time ago we showed you a small SEO guide for all those people who are starting and want to get the most out of the positioning of their website.

As a small summary we will show you below, the most basic aspects to take into account when you want to position our website to get appear on the first page of Google.

Web structure and hierarchy must go hand in hand.

First impressions are always the most decisive, right? We consume many products for their aesthetics, because the same happens on the Internet. Whether on social networks or in our own website, aesthetics matters.

An aesthetically attractive website is more likely to be visited and retain users, which is not the other way around.

We must always worry about the first, the user. It is not about designing a beautiful website in our opinion, but usable and accessible by any user, and of course it is aesthetically appealing.

So, if we want to appear on the first page of Google, we must be very clear about one thing: a bad web architecture could translate into a bad positioning.

The structure of a web page should be as simple as possible with clear and recognizable navigation elements. Unique titles with which to differentiate each of the sections, explanatory texts and of course, multimedia content.

But above all, your efforts should be directed more to the home page. Not only is it one of the most important, but it is the one that will retain the user, by which they will know you and the one that will convey the main idea that your brand is about.

Therefore, in addition to having an attractive design without too many “flourishes,” the hierarchy of the elements must be perfect, not perfect.  Not by adding more items, you will get more visits.

If you have a corporate website for your company, try adding some elements such as a small excerpt about your history, services, etc. Everything that makes the user opt for your brand against the rest at a first glance.

As with online stores, adding a slider with the most “trendy” or featured products, will make you have more engagement with the user.

In summary, you should always ask yourself these 4 questions: What is your website about? What services do you offer? What are users looking for? Who you are?

Your answers will be key when establishing a hierarchy in the content of your website.

Choose your keywords well

Before you start publishing content without any control you must first, choose what your keywords will be. That is, the words or phrases for which a user will give you along the Internet.

To do this, you must have perfectly defined what is the objective or fundamental objectives on which your brand is based, and then think about what words you want to be found by users. This is essential when you position yourself and appear on the first page of Google.

A trick that many websites perform to easily gain positions in the search results is to use keywords not only related to their subject, but also chosen randomly in order to appear in the maximum possible results.

Google penalizes these tactics, to the point of removing your website from its index. So be very careful when trying to deceive this Internet giant.

Another option and our greatest advice, is that you also bid for the different variables of your keyword, the long tail keywords.

For example: at E Trend Talk we are dedicated to marketing, advertising and online communication. The keywords “marketing”, “advertising” “online communication” are used very frequently by the rest of the advertising, marketing and online communication agencies not only in Spain, but also possibly in other Spanish-speaking countries.

A lot of competition, right? How to fight it, very simple. Extending our keywords to others related to how a user finds us on the Internet, such as “Online communication agency in Murcia”. Our range is reduced considerably and we are more likely to appear on the first page of Google more easily.

To find out what is available, how many times it is being used, there are different tools and pages that help us like Google Adwords.

The content, always of quality.

Three keys make a website succeed: the structure, content and traffic you get from different links and portals.

To appear on the first page of Google it is essential to create quality and original content.

It is not worth copying and pasting the content by modifying just a few words, you must write it yourself by adding links to other parts of your website, and also, in the case of blog articles, external links to trusted websites.

Good content is necessary along with a constant update. Even if you think that it is a “pain”, if the content is of quality and interesting for the users that visit your website, you will be able to retain them and therefore, an increase in visits.

Thanks to this increase in traffic, Google will place you higher and higher in its results lists when considering your content with greater relevance.

Always add multimedia content.

Another important aspect regarding the content is the visual part. The images attract attention and make a website more visually attractive.

Whenever you add multimedia content, remember to always be optimized. You will reduce the loading time and the weight of your website. Very important to be able to see all the elements correctly in the responsive versions.

Ideally, in the case of a business, it is that all the images present in the company were their own to generate greater confidence, but we know that this implies a cost that many people cannot face.

If you do not have them, a resource that you can also use is to use a bank of royalty-free images such as these 10 free image banks, in which you will surely find the ideal content for your website.

Another aspect related to content is the incorporation of <description> meta tags. These will not only allow you to link and position your online content, but also, that the user get an idea of ​​the element that should go in each place, in case of failures when loading your website on their devices.

Does your brand have social networks? If so, disseminate all content through them. Nothing generates a greater volume of visits to a website than social networks.

Links, must always be present.

It is very important to add internal and external links in our content and different web pages.

The internal links are important on a website, will serve to guide the user through our web page and navigating through it, in order to keep him.

For its part, external links help us to position ourselves in a good place by making Google better track us with its spiders.

Make sure that the anchor text redirects you exactly where you indicate and that its tag is a keyword. Do not fall for the typical “Click here”.]

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