The Amazing Features of the App Store Product Page

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In today’s modern era, Apple is providing more chances to showcase your app through its App Store and offering brands the best chances of success. From positive reviews to in-app purchases, Apple is providing the best chances to get noticed with the introduction of iOS 11.

Whether you are a newbie on Apple Store or you want to drive more followers for your existing application, in this post we will help you to discover the key features of the new App Store’s product page. Take a look below to stand out from the crowd with a superb application.

Noticeable App/Brand Name & Subtitle

When it comes to branding, the Apple store offers attractive and accessible features to users. By considering the App Store, you can create a product that looks exclusive while surrounded to other apps. We all know the importance to be unique, especially when surrounded by a number of competitors. It allows a maximum of 30 characters to be used as a brand name and this will appear across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Moreover, it also provides an opportunity to create a 30 characters title just below the app/brand name to make it prominent. So if you want to hold the attention of everyone then you must create a title by following their guidelines.

Attention Grabbing Icon

An app icon is the first impression for many potential users. Therefore, it’s vital for you to create an icon that is unique and recognizable. An attention-grabbing icon can make a huge difference by engaging an extensive list of your target audience effortlessly.

When it comes to creating an icon, it’s important to keep an appropriate size in mind so that your app could be visible across a range of different screen sizes and devices. Try to create an icon that will provide a strong impression.

Fantastic Video Previews & Screenshots

Once you’ve successfully created an icon then you can entertain your targeted audience with fantastic video previews and screenshots. If you really want to capture the attention of the users then you must encourage them to watch interesting app previews in the app store.

Moreover, it will provide your potential audience the opportunity to see what your distinctive app features are and how it works through three videos of 30 seconds each. Through videos, you can also grab the attention span of a potential user in a speedy and interesting manner.

On the other end, screenshots appear after videos to showcase your application through real experience. It is an important feature of the product page and allows you to add five screenshots.

Unique Description

It is one of the best features app stores offers to highlight your application. Ensure to create a product description that is informative yet engaging to hook the attention of the reader. Keep the description as per the requirement of the Apple store, and focus on the competition that really matters.

Furthermore, pay special attention to the first line of your description as it is visible on the app store. Make sure to update your description whenever a new version of your app is available. Don’t forget to limit your description to 170 characters to promote your mobile app development service UK in an appropriate manner.

Hassle-Free In-App Purchases

In order to make every transaction secure and hassle-free Apple store offer in-App Purchases option. In-app purchase is a great way to download content from Apple Store, iTunes Store and for making other purchase through Apple ID.

After 20 subscriptions, in-app purchases can be displayed with your app/brand name, description, and icon. With in-app purchases feature your application can be displayed in search results as well as featured on key tabs.

Ratings and Reviews

We all know that rating and reviews are one of the key parts behind the success of mobile app development service UK. Apple store offers the ratings and reviews section to give your app a star rating of up to five. The application users have the option of editing their reviews, so they can turn a negative review into positive when you resolve their problems. It also provides you the opportunity to respond to any feedback via iTunes Connect.

In addition, it offers an account for all your apps rating and reviews that have received at a specific time. In the end, we could state that the provided information is appropriate for businesses and brands that want to learn about the amazing features of the app store. Do remember to carefully employ these features of the Apple store to drive a positive number of ratings, reviews as well as followers.

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