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For any mobile application development company that offers its solutions to new businesses, one sole motive always runs in their mind, that is of offering the best customer experience to its clients as well as the best solutions at the most competitive prices.

This mantra is perfectly followed by V3Cube a popular mobile applications development company based in Ahmadabad, Gujarat (India). Its uniqueness lays in its offering mobile application clones to new on demand service entrepreneurs at the most competitive market prices.

Values Followed by V3Cube

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Reliability
  4. Diligence
  5. Excellence
  6. Respect
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Security
  9. Experience
  10. Fast Delivery

Some of its unique clone solutions include,

  1. Uber Clone
  2. Deliver all App
  3. UberEats Clone
  4. Go-Jek Clone
  5. Uber for Medical Marijuana
  6. Uber for X
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All products are made using latest technology like Java, PHP, Bootstrap, Swift, Android, jQuery, MySQL, Node JS, SocketCluster, Linux, etc. They possess very unique features like fully licensed source code. This is to ensure the owner can customize it as per the changing needs of the business and users.

Thereafter, the solution is white-labelled to ensure the brand name and logo is visible everywhere across the app. The organization also offers free installation system on server as well as app play store.

Finally, you get a fully responsive application to ensure the app clone works well on Android, iOS, etc. Also, it is free from bugs, to name a few.

All these features are available at the most competitive market prices which in turn motivates new on demand businesses to work with them and take their on demand business towards great heights.

When new on demand businesses approach V3Cube, the company makes sure to invite them over to the development centre. This is mostly to support them see the app coming to life and give them the best client experience. Also, they make sure to deliver the clone solution to them in the shortest available time adhering by a strict as well as stringent NDA (non-disclosure agreement) policy. This is to ensure nowhere in the portfolio of V3Cube does the name of the business or entrepreneur get revealed or the fact gets disclosed that V3Cube was the original developer of the app.

Proven its prowess in the art of delivering the best solution to its clients and this was followed again with the new solution that was launched by them – CubeX2020. 

V3Cube – About

V3Cube came into creation in the year 2005 by a team of strong and experienced professionals holding strong expertise in fields like mobile app development for platforms like Android and iOS, website design and development and their latest feather in their hat – clone app development

With the enormous success of Uber, a popular ride-hailing service provider, the organization came to realize the immense potential of the on-demand market and also realized that building an app from scratch especially for new businesses is nothing short of a costly as well as a time-consuming affair. 

This led to them putting in their toil and effort into the art of clone app development and today stands as the topmost clone app development. That has developed clones of some of the most popular solutions like Uber clone for taxi, gojek clone for on-demand service, and so on and so forth. 

The organization is known to serve its clients with utmost professionalism and strong work ethics which in turn motivates many clients to work with them again. 

This brings us to CubeX2020.

Birth of CubeX2020

Some clients who worked with V3Cube in the past came to them with the idea if the organization could merge two apps into one app and build an app. For example, taxi app could incorporate delivery and services, and vice versa. 

This led to V3Cube going into lengths to build the solution that contains services like grocery delivery, cab, moto and fly service, and courier delivery, to name a few and the birth of the solution thereafter. 

So now let us know a little about this solution in detail. 

CubeX2020 – About

The solution acts as a powerful Uber clone app alternative that promises the customers to receive services like grocery delivery, parcel delivery, cab services, moto services, and so on and so forth. 

It has some of the most unique attributes like user app for both iOS and android, driver app for android and iOS and an admin panel to help the business effectively manage the daily work and keep track of their progress on a whole. 

It also contains other attributes like a kiosk app that provides the hotel with an opportunity to earn with every ride provided to them through the kiosk to the travellers. 

Thus, through all these unique attributes, the solution is certainly a solution of the future on-demand service industry which assures to help the business in making enormous profits along the way and concluding through the CubeX2020 solution which is a powerful Uber Clone App alternative, V3Cube has yet again proved to be a Rockefeller in the field of clone app development and delivering nothing but the most powerful solution to the clients.  

V3cube Reviews

All these factors in turn lead the entrepreneurs to give positive V3Cube reviews upon the completion of their project which the company makes sure to provide in its website upon receiving approval from the entrepreneurs thus encouraging new businesses to take a peek into the V3Cube reviews devoid of any V3Cube scam reports and contact them for making an app clone for them and propel their business towards the zenith of success. 

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